Moving Hack Tip of The Week

How to get your deposit back

  • If you’re renting, take photos of your old place as you move out and photos of your new place as you move in.
  • Remove any dents in the carpet that furniture left behind with ice cubes. Simply place the ice cubes on the dents, let them melt, and use a spoon to lift the fibers.

  • Broken glass on the floor? Use a slice of bread to pick up the pieces that your broom missed!
  • To make picture frames more stable and protect your walls from scuffing, cut off pencil erasers and glue them to the back of the frame before hanging it up.
  • Wrap a rubber band around a hammer to prevent scuffing the wall when removing nails.

  • To get stains out of the carpet, use a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide and  parts water. Add some lemon essential oil to the mixture, shake lightly, spray the area, and let set for a minute. Scrub with a scrub brush, and voila — good as new!
  • If you have scuff marks on hardwood floors, cut a hole in a tennis ball, stick the ball on the end of a broom, and rub the scuff mark until it disappears.