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Moving Boutique Furniture: A Showcase feat. Boston Magazine Home

One of the most popular publications for the Boston area has to be Boston Magazine. If you have had the pleasure of looking through one of their Home editions, you’ve probably marveled at the pairing of beautiful contemporary furniture with elegant timeless Boston-area houses. You may have also wondered what it takes to set up shoots like this, some of which require multiple arrangements for the same room. 

Well, that’s where we come in. For years now, Big City Moving Co. has worked with Boston Magazine in helping to deliver furniture, carpets, and decor from the boutiques and galleries across Boston to the photo shoots. We’ve worked with some of Boston’s top designers to set up these shoots; places like J.E.M., Machine Age, Montage, Steven King, and Marcoz, to name a few.

While we are truly honored to work with some of Boston’s finest designers, as well as a leading publication for the city – the most valuable aspect of these shoots is what we take away. As a company, we do jobs for a very wide demographic–ranging from dorm rooms and college apartments to full four-or-five-bedroom houses to elegant showroom-esque triple deckers. We cover a lot of ground. Our customers are very impressed when they see us treating something like an inexpensive IKEA bookcase with the same care and diligence that we would treat a showroom piece from one of Boston’s boutiques.

Please be sure to visit Boston Magazine Home’s blog. They always have great articles that can really help you get excited about your home.


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