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Movers Insurance; What Everyone Should Know Before They Move

One of the most important factors for any move is avoiding risk. Hiring an honest, reputable company can only take you so far – even the best of the best make mistakes sometimes. Not only that, but the standard insurance coverage included with your move really doesn’t cover your items for very much. If you are moving items of considerable value, you really can’t afford not to look into additional insurance coverage. 

What Is Standard Insurance? 

Standard moving insurance covers most of your items for up to $.60 per pound. That means if you have a brand new television that weighs 50 lbs, the insurance payout would be $30. This is surely a fraction of what the television actually cost, but standard insurance is only based on weight.

What Is Not Covered By Insurance? 

The following is taken directly from a standard moving insurance document. This is standard wording for any company, whether it’s a nationwide mover like Atlas Van Lines or a small company like Big City Moving Company.

The following items are subject to exclusion from claims: (1) Items of extraor- dinary value over $1,000 that are not noted on our high value inventory. (2) Lamps, lamp shades, artwork, pictures, mirrors, statues which are not boxed by Carrier. (3) Any marble or glass, which is not crated or boxed by Carrier.(4) Items found broken in boxes that have not been packed and unpacked by Carrier. (5) Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electrical equipment, computers, and battery operated items in transit or storage. (6) Missing hardware for disassembled items, unless Carrier disassembles them. (7) Gold leaf plaster frames & chandeliers that are not crated by Carrier. (8) Pressboard or particleboard furniture. (9) Previously damaged and repaired items. (10) Previously damaged or loose veneer. (11) Furniture where original glue has dried out. (12) Any small, loose items such as keys, remote controls, etc., which are not in a box. (13)14) If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered by the insurance, not the entire set. 

How Can I Get More Coverage?

Some companies do have an option to purchase additional insurance. While this can be more streamlined than finding a third party, we have found that using a dedicated insurance provider is best if anything actually goes wrong. We personally have had much success working with Baker International.

Make sure you speak with an insurance representative in advance of your move. They will talk options with you – from covering a single item or a handful of things, to getting coverage for an entire household of goods.

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