How To Move A Business To A New Location

office1Before moving your business to a new location, it’s important to set up a plan to communicate with employees, customers and suppliers. Without having a plan in place, you’re setting yourself up for a logistical nightmare that could have a negative impact on both the financial state and reputation of your business.


In order to best prepare yourself for a business move, there a few steps you can take to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. The checklist below covers some of the basics that you should have in order before physically moving furniture, office equipment and assets.


Business Moving Checklist


This is a simplified list, but it covers most of the important details that are required to successfully set up a business at a new location.


  • Contact phone company
  • New letterhead, business cards
  • Submit change of address form with USPS
  • Update online business profiles
  • Set up utilities at your new place of business
  • Set up new phone lines
  • Install any additional wiring for electronics, phones, etc.
  • Alert customers and business partners of your move


In addition to these preparations for relocating a business, there are also plenty of online resources that you may find helpful, such as the U.S. Small Business Administration, which has a wealth of business information and resources on a wide range of topics.



Considerations When Relocating A Business


There is no doubt that moving your business to a new location will have an impact on your profitability, but whether that effect is positive or negative often comes down to preparation. Here are some important factors to consider before deciding on a location to move your business.


  • Customer access

It’s important to consider how your new business location might affect customer access to your product or services. For retail locations, this consideration is imperative as it can have a direct affect on your bottom line.

  • Brand visibility

Will moving your business to a new location increase your public profile or brand visibility? This is important to think about and often gets overlooked when considering a new place of business. Don’t underestimate the impact that public awareness can have on your business.

  • Cost

This is the reason behind many professional, commercial and business moves. In many cases, businesses are compelled to move into a cheaper location to save money or to a larger building if they have a growing service or product.

  • Space

For expanding businesses, relocation may be due to a necessary upgrade in facilities or space required for growth. Planning is essential if you’re moving to a new space to accommodate future growth! Make sure you have accurate numbers and assessments.

  • Additional costs

Are there any permits or regulatory permissions required of your business? If so, don’t forget to factor that into the total cost of relocation. Make sure you also check on any zoning permits or licenses that are required at your new location.



John Bensen is a writer for A-1 Auto Transport, a leading car shipping company that operates throughout the U.S. and internationally.