How To Motivate Yourself To Pack When Moving

The following 7 tips will show you how to get motivated to pack for moving.

1. Break packing into manageable mini tasks
Packing an entire home for a move is a huge project that can get you discouraged just thinking about what lies ahead. It’s relatively easy to lose your motivation to pack when you know that it’ll be many days before you can finish what is often viewed as the moving task that requires the most time and effort to complete.

The trick to packing for a move without getting overwhelmed is to break down the big project into smaller packing tasks. This way, you will find the resulted task division easier to accept and even encouraging as you keep marking as complete one mini packing task after the other.

Boost your motivation to pack for a move by setting up smaller projects while packing the contents of a single room. This way, each completed mini packing job will give you a reassuring sense of progress.

2. Promise yourself a reward after you’re done packing
If that’s any comfort for you, you’re not the only one who can’t get motivated to pack for moving. Whenever faced with a must-do job that will require many days of hard work, it’s only normal that a person’s mind will start searching for a way to save themselves the trouble.

One proven way to stay motivated when packing for a move is to promise yourself some kind of a reward when you complete the task. It can be something you’ve wanted to get yourself for some time – booking a full-scale spa treatment or maybe buying a fancy watch. Why not organizing an exciting adventure of some sort with your friends?

In case time and money won’t let you have that post-packing reward, then try to come up with smaller rewards after completing a mini packing task – for example, go see a good film at the local movie theater after packing up your clothes.

3. Start packing from the right room
With little or no motivation to pack for a move, it’s very important that you organize the packing process in the best possible way. Any mistakes when packing for moving will slow down your overall preparation progress, but it’s starting to pack from the wrong rooms that may prove to be rather damaging in terms of time, energy and of course, incentive to pack up your home.

Initiate the packing job from the rooms that are the most difficult to pack. This is logical in a way – how can you get motivated to pack for moving when you know that the harder stages of the project are yet to come? It’s impossible.

This is why, you should pack up your storage areas first, followed by your kitchen. Only then will you be encouraged to urge yourself on, appreciating the fact that as you get more and more tired, the rooms that remained to be tackled are relatively easy and straightforward to pack.

4. Follow a good packing checklist
Increasing and maintaining a high level of packing efficiency is important because you will be able to finish the packing job faster this way. And completing a moving task earlier than schedules means a number of bonuses for you: more time to rest, less stress and worries about whether you’ll make it on time or not. And, of course, you won’t have enough time to demotivate yourself in the process.

It sounds pretty hard to be able to do all that, but in reality, all you need is a good packing checklist to follow. A packing timeline will guide you what to pack and when to pack it from Day 1 so that you don’t lose valuable time by randomly starting and interrupting moving jobs.

A printable packing checklist will help you first get organized to move house, and then stay motivated throughout the arduous job of packing simply because you’ll know what to do in each given moment. Ultimately, a packing timeline will lead to a guaranteed packing progress!

5. Eliminate all harmful distractions
Getting motivated to pack when you’re moving house can be a problem when you’re forced to deal with frequent interruptions and constant distractions. It can be really discouraging and demotivating to have to stop in the middle of packing a box in order to do something else in the meantime.

Phones ringing, disturbing noises coming from various identified or unidentified sources, pets running around the house begging for food or asking for a walk… while you’re making every effort to pack your home quickly, distractions can come from literally everywhere.

Do your best to limit any distractions while packing so that you don’t fall too much behind your pre-set packing schedule. You may consider yourself good at multitasking, but doing more than one thing at one given time will only drain your energy faster. And less energy to work will automatically mean lower motivation to pack as well.

6. Invite friends over to make it more fun
Everyone who has decided to pack their things without hiring professionals will need packing motivation from time to time – the process takes forever and can become extremely boring at times. And when that happens to you too, you’ll be glad to know that you have a good option to solve this problem: ask friends to help you out.

Any activity, no matter how tedious and repetitive, can be fun when you do it together with good friends. Reach out to your pals as early as you can to minimize disrupting their own plans. Be open with them, tell them exactly what type of help you need, and promise to return the favor when the need to do so arises.

Play music in the background, provide good food and refreshing drinks, and try to make it fun as you’re boxing up your stuff. You’ll never get overwhelmed when packing for moving with great friends around you.

7. Remember that you’re saving tons of cash
If you’re still wondering how to get motivated to pack for moving, then try this simple yet effective motivational trick: think about all the money that you’re going to save by packing it up by yourself.

Hiring movers to pack your home will be the easiest option for you, but you will have to pay for that service. In fact, one of the best cost-saving advice when moving home is to pack whatever you can by yourself and leave to the pros only special items that require professional packing services.

So, whenever you feel like you’re lacking the motivation to pack for moving, simply think of all the hard-earned money that stays where it’s supposed to stay – in your wallet and bank account – and you’ll definitely feel a resurgence of motivation to finish packing without or with minimal professional packers’ aid.