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Mike M. Asks “What Are The Best Shoes For Moving Furniture?”

Mike M. Asks “What Are The Best Shoes For Moving Furniture?”

Posted on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 @ 08:44 AM Email This 

shoes for moving furnitureMike M. submitted a great question – and one that we actually hadn’t heard before. He’s moving some of his own things in the next few weeks, and he asked us “What are the best shoes to wear while moving my furniture?” Moving can be a very strenuous activity. You have to carry large, heavy items, sometimes up and down stairs, and often needing to walk backwards. Having the right footwear will help to keep you and the furniture safe for your move. You do have some options for what will work best for you.

High-Top Sneakers

Not only are these high-top sneakers totally rad, but our movers agree that they’re the best for moving. They offer great ankle support. You have great traction and flexibility in this style of shoe. Also, the treading is usually relatively shallow, so you won’t track as much dirt, sand, or mud into the house you’re moving in or out of. 

Work Boots

A close second for us, work boots can be the right footwear for certain jobs. One of the only issues with boots is that the treading is usually pretty deep, and they can track a lot of dirt and debris. They also might not allow as much mobility as some sneakers that are designed with running and turning in mind. However, if you are moving items at a location where work is being done, boots are usually the best option. 

do not move in flipflopsFlip Flops

We wouldn’t mention these if we hasn’t seen it tried before. Do not attempt to move in flip flops! You’re actually better off attempting to move barefoot – which is also a poor choice. Flip flops don’t stay on your feet too well if you have to walk backwards, especially up or down some stairs. We’ve actually seen people try this and get seriously hurt. Even if you’re just moving one or two things, these are the absolute worst choice you can make. Save them for going to the beach. 

Low-Cut Sneakers & Other Shoes

While these aren’t as good of a choice as the high-top sneakers, they will still allow you good footing and mobility for your move. You have to be more careful not to twist your ankle, which is less protected than it would be in High-Tops or boots. If you don’t have to deal with any stairs, these are usually a pretty good choice. 

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