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Mark W. Asks “How Would Professional Movers Pack Lamps?”

Mark W. Asks “How Would Professional Movers Pack Lamps?”

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professional movers table lampMany of the questions we receive are from people wondering what the best tips and tricks for moving are. We do our best to answer all of these questions right here on our blog as fast as possible. Mark wrote in this weekend, saying that he’s got about a dozen lamps in his house, and he wants to make sure they get through his move. Lamps can be difficult to pack because they are very fragile. The base, the lamp shade, and the bulb are all fragile and need to be packed properly. 

1. Unplug the lamp from your wall

This may sound like common sense, but please make sure your lamp(s) are unplugged before you start packing it! 

2. Remove the light bulb

Lamps should never be moved with the light bulb in the socket. If it smashes, it can be very difficult to remove, and even if it doesn’t, the shock of moving in the truck will usually break the filament in traditional light bulbs. Light bulbs are best transported in the boxes that they originally are sold in (if available). If they are not available, you can wrap them in socks, hand towels, or other soft linens and pack them with soft and/or lightweight items. 

3. Remove the lamp shade

Packing lamp shades separately from the base of the lamp is the best way to protect the shades. If you have a lot of lamps, you may be able to stack the shades together like a stack of cups. You should pack them into a medium or large box (just big enough to fit the lamp shades) with lightweight linens or t-shirts or something similar to support the lamp shades. Anything hard could easily poke through or dent a lamp shade. Using some padding under and over the lamp shade will keep it firmly supported for your move. 

4. Wrap the lamp in a towel, blanket, or other soft item

Once the lamp is unplugged and free of all fragile pieces, you can wrap it snugly in some soft linen. For heavier, more fragile lamps (glass or ceramic), we would advise using a quilted blanket or heavy towel. Wrap it tightly and tape it in place. Lighter lamps (like metal or acrylic) can be wrapped in a t-shirt or lighter towel. Either way, make sure you wrap it thoroughly and tape the padding in place. 

When lamps are snugly wrapped, you should be able to safely put a couple into a large box, assuming they fit. Keep in mind that it is a best moving practice to not pack any boxes heavier than 50 lbs. Boxes are only designed to hold so much weight, and overloading them can always present the risk of damaging the contents. 

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We love to answer your questions! Please keep them coming and we’ll do our best to keep dishing out the best moving tips and advice that we can. 

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