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Making a Green Move on a Budget

Moving a house essentially involves a lot of costs. Along with the lease or loan for the new place, or the rent, the insurances, etc. there is also the cost of actual move, which if not conducted with thorough planning, can turn out to be a very expensive affair. However, with a little diligence, you can work out ways which can considerably cut down the moving costs. A house move is not only taxing on your budget, but in the environment too. Many may choose to ignore the environmental impact of the move, but a conscious citizen will see this as their responsibility, to make the move as environment friendly as possible.

Here are a few tips that will help you bring down the costs of the move and also make it environment friendly.

• Plan well in advance – When considering a house move, it is never too early to start. The early the start, the more planned, organised and confident you would be on the d-day. With early planning you can better work on the stuff that can be recycled. If you leave most of the things on the last days, you’d be tempted to take the shortcut and do away with stuff without considering the environmental impact of the dumping.

• Effective de-cluttering – There is no point in carrying tuff that you don’t require all the way to the new house. You’d be only adding to the mess there and the transportation costs and the packaging costs. While de-cluttering, you can divide the stuff to be discarded as stuff that can be sold online to gain a few extra bucks, stuff that can be given to charity and stuff that can be recycled.

If you are not sure about how to go about the stuff that can be recycled, call a local agency, there are also Facebook groups that help. This way you’d be doing a favour to the environment. Out of the things that need to be discarded most crucial are the expired medicines, cans half full of paints, varnishes, cleaning materials etc. These need to be handled with great care. If just tossed in the trash cans, these can emit toxic chemicals which can be exceedingly harmful for the environment. Here again the best option is to take help of the local agencies which can help you get rid of toxic and semi-toxic materials.

• Packaging – The materials that you use for packaging can greatly affect the costs involved and the environmental hazards. Bubble wrap happens to be one of the favourite choices for packaging materials, especially for delicate breakables. In the comfort of bubble wrap we tend to forget the vicious environmental problems this cheap plastic can create. Instead, use old linen, woolly scarves, woollens etc. to wrap up the breakables. The duvets, old curtains, bed covers can be used to protect larger items, even electronics. This way you will be able to save a significant amount.

While packing up the stuff, use recyclable plastic boxes. These can be hired at minimal costs. It is very tempting to use old cardboard boxes to move the stuff. The cardboard boxes though only add to the trash and are not a reliable option for moving heavy stuff- they can ditch you and tear away any time. The plastic boxes on the other hand are sturdy and can be recycled when they have served one lifetime.

Choosing a moving company – it is a common misinterpretation that conducting the move yourself would be cheaper than hiring a moving company. A professional removal company knows the best ways to conduct the move in an efficient way. Talk to a couple of removals companies before making the final decision. Talk about the facilities that they offer- insurances, self storage services, packing to name a few. Make sure that the vehicles that the chosen removals company uses are eco-friendly.

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