The Lazy Persons’ Guide To Moving Into A New Office

The prospect of moving to a new place, a new neighborhood is almost the same as bungee jumping from an aircraft. Yes, the emotions are mixed. This holds more truth if you’re a lazy person who would want nothing more than just laze all day on that couch which needs to be cleaned and made ready to move, by the way.

Yes, your life IS difficult. And yes, you’re one of those last minute guys.

Chill out. We won’t do the moving for you, but we can certainly walk you through it; actually, cakewalk you through it. All thanks to our precious guide, you can ace the packing and moving in seven days flat!

Note of caution: some physical moving will be required. Oh come on, it’s about time.

Day 1: Be the man with a plan

Just sit there with your laptop, MacBook, smartphone or whatever you’re into, and start. Make a list- one that covers everything right from setting up the new forwarding address to utilities to packing supplies to deciding how to compartmentalize the packing. Yes it’s time consuming, but hey, it’s not that exhausting. Plus, it’ll work wonders in simplifying the rest of the move.

Day 2: Truck it out

You just cannot move everything on your own. Hire a local truck for the purpose. It’s faster and you have maximum control on things. Availability and pricing is of absolute importance. So we suggest you hire a truck the day you realize you have to move, but because you’re the lazy one, you can call them on Day 2. It’ll be more helpful if you decide to make the move on a weekday. Shop online, check reviews, call the friends and ask them to put you through a good company. In addition to everything else, make sure the trucking company gives you insurance. You can’t do anything these days without insurance. Oh and negotiate, always.

Day 3: Segregate

Divide your things into EXACTLY two things, the ones you need and the trash. That’s it; no maybes, no in-betweens. How do you decide if you really need something? Well, it’s simple; if you haven’t used it in over a year, you won’t use it again. This will cut down your packing task by a great margin, and make everything way too easier.

Day 4: More segregation

Don’t crib. Now that the first stage of the segregation is done, move further. Separate things according to their rooms, so that you can unpack them accordingly, as opposed to having to go through a treasure hunt of sorts later.

Day 5: Boxing day

When you have everything separated as per its respective room or purpose, boxing it up is amazingly easy. Just be careful with the fragile things. Whether it’s domestic or office moving, label all boxes as fragile; contents irrespective, if you want to keep them from damage. Yes, it may make you look like a mad scientist, but that’s okay. As you’re proceeding with this, bring out that checklist you made on Day 1, and cross-check. This will help you know instantly what is exactly where.

Day 6: Team Beta

You may be taking some silent satisfaction in playing one man army. However, honestly, in a moment like this no help is too much. Gather the family, the friends and anyone who’s willing to help. Delegate each one a specific task, if you will. One party handles the fragile, another carries the books, another all the electronics, while another ensures the new office is clean and ready, and also oversees the pizza delivery. Well, you get our point.

Day 7: Move!

Finally! Everything is boxed up and ready. The truck is here. The teams have taken position. Now, to the new office! Yes, this is an emotional moment. But, you’ve said your farewell. Kiss that old floor and door goodbye. Hop into the truck, crank up the radio and drive away.

What next?

Whether your new office is a few hours or days away, the one thing you should do the moment you enter is put the boxes in their designated rooms. What next? Easy. Now just sit back and enjoy the pizza! You’ve done very well so far, let’s leave the rest for another day.



Shruti Vaghe, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger. She likes to bake and read in her spare time.You can also follow her on twitter @ShrutiVaghe.