Last Minute Moving Guide

Last Minute Moving Guide

In a perfect world, you’d have two months or more in which to plan and pack for your move. Nonetheless, sometimes you’ll have to make last minute moving
preparations. This is a guide to moving house when you are stretched for time. If you need to make a quick move, then consult this brief guide – you’ll
surely avert trouble!

You absolutely must, straight out the gate, hire some movers. Usually, we’d recommend taking some time over this process to find just the right mover and
to negotiate a great rate for moving, but the sad fact is that you do not have the time to give this process the consideration is deserves if you need to
move last minute. However, it is still very important to find the right moving company for your move, so dedicate some time to researching companies and
finding one that will provide you a good service for a price that won’t break the bank. We have created guides to choosing a moving company, so consult
them, but bear in mind you are working on a highly condensed timetable – limit your research accordingly!

If you are conducting a move yourself, and need van hire services, the same standards apply. Take the time to source quotes for van rental, and research
van rental companies, but ensure you spend far less time on this process. A quick internet search and some phone calls should be sufficient for you to find
just the right van rental services company. Remember, you may find renting a truck more difficult at certain times of the year – especially if you are
moving during the summer! If you are finding it difficult finding a moving van for hire, consider other options. Could you borrow a vehicle from a friend
for your move? Could you hire a car from a car rental services company? Remember, if you go this route, you will need to make more trips than if you hired
a proper spacious moving truck. This may not be ideal, but remain resourceful – bear in mind that in most cases you
absolutely have to move on a particular date, so be prepared to adapt your operations and practical needs according to the realities you encounter during
your research. Keep every option open, and leave no stone unturned!

You can also reduce the preliminary stages of your move (i.e. planning and packing) by consulting some experts. The best professional moving services will
be more than willing to give you a helping hand in your hour of need, for a small fee. There are even professional packing services who can help you pack
everything in your house for moving day – investigate this option if you are truly pushed for time and have far too much stuff to sort out to spend that
much time on organising your possessions and packing them to a professional standard. However, researching professional packing businesses can further
reduce the time you have to finalise your move, so be wary of dedicating too much time to this process.

Make sure also that you quickly equip yourself with the appropriate packing materials. There are lots of things you will need to conduct a move – again, we
have produced guides to packing materials which you should consult if in doubt. Some moving firms will even have comprehensive moving packs for sale, which
contain everything you may need to pack your possessions for your big move!

We wish you luck and urge you not to lose sleep if you have a last-minute move on the cards!