How To Keep Your Dog Happy During Your Move

How to keep your dog happy during a move

A dog is man’s best friend. When man chooses to move house, his best friend can find the entire situation to be a thoroughly confusing and baffling affair. These is no simple way to convey to a dog the complexities of the property ladder and the intricacies of why a change in rental situations will halve your commute. While these issues may well benefit the dog in the long run, looking after your friend during the move will allow you to relax, knowing your pet is not worried or concerned.

One of the defining characteristics of dogs is their appetite. Most dogs will gladly spend the day eating their way through an apocalypse worth of tinned food. As such, an easy way to relax your dog will be to ensure that he remains well fed at all times. This is a stressful time for him, allow him a little indulgence. A biscuit or two, to distract him from the fact that his possessions are being packed up along with your own. A nice big dinner will tire him out and he will sleep through the bulk of the packing.

Likewise, a good long walk before you set about the day’s work will help keep him docile during the busy day. Take care not to tire yourself out by mistake. Perhaps stand still and throw a tennis ball a few hundred times. The more he brings the ball back to you, the more you throw it out again, remember that he’ll be tired enough to allow you to get on with packing while he sleeps off the day’s long fetching tasks. A special long walk will be both a treat for him and a way of tiring him out, less he run around the house knocking down carefully stacked boxes.

When you get to the new property, be sure to take the dog around, room to room, getting him used to every nook and cranny of his new home. If the new property has a garden, attach a leash while you stroll around to prevent him running away into the new neighbourhood. Familiarising the dog with the new environment will help him relax quickly and become acquainted with his new home. Walking him around himself allows the dog to trust your personal endorsement of the new property.

A new location will mean a great number of new neighbours and new faces to meet, not just for yourself, but for your pet as well. While it is not the most pressing task, and something which can be conducted over the coming weeks, make sure to introduce the dog to all the new faces. Doing so gradually will help prevent any awkward and embarrassing moments when the dog decides that the new postman will need to be barked at every day, for at least twenty minutes.

While you are out and exploring your new neighbourhood, taking in the pubs and bars, remember to keep an eye out for any interesting parks or walkways which may be good for a nice walk with your four legged friend. Finding a great new playground for the dog to gallivant around will be a treat, allowing the dog to quickly forget the property you have left behind.

Moving house is a time of tumultuous change. It is often easy to forget that the situation will be even more confusing for our four legged friends. Taking a small amount of time to consider your pet while moving will ensure that they get the most from the move and quickly begin to feel at home in the new property.