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Janet. W asks “How Should I Pack Wall Hangings For My Move?”

One of the greatest challenges of any move is to properly pack your items. In particular, wall hangings can be very difficult. Mirrors, paintings, photographs, and the like need to remain flat and well protected. Janet W. has an upcoming move with Big City Moving Co., and today’s blog is going to help her (and all of you!) know the best ways to pack these flat wall hangings.

The methods described will help you pack almost every kind of flat, delicate item. Mirrors, paintings, table tops, glass shelves, and more all need to be packed with the same diligent care. There are a few methods, which can offer varying degrees of protection. Keep in mind that you really can’t over-protect your items–using materials like cardboard paper wrap, bubble wrap, and mirror corner boxes can all contribute to having the best protection for your items.

The very useful posted a helpful video that will help you with these packing needs as well:

Aside from packing the items properly within a box, it is also important to pack the items properly within the moving truck. As your truck is packed, there are some go-to spaces that we always try to put our delicate, flat, breakable items. These spaces include in between mattresses and/or box springs, against a flat sturdy surface like a table top, or sandwiched between the wall of the truck and some flat furniture (dressers/armoires/etc). You really can’t use too many pads or protection for these items.


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