International Moves Are A Minefield For The Uninitiated

When you are looking in to the ways in which to move to a new country, your initial excitement will likely turn quickly to a cold dread. The logistics of doing an internal removal are hard enough to get the head around, but the idea of implementing all of these different problems in an international way is something that doesn’t bear thinking about! The only way to really avoid the problems that come from moving to a new country affecting you badly is to hire a company that have masses of prior experience under their belts, so that you are completely sure that there is not a thing that has not been covered. You may be a little terrified of the costs however, and you may even be thinking of doing the international move on your own, so here are a few little reminders as to things that you may not have considered that will likely put you off going it alone with the move.


First off, language. There are so many things to sort out that you will need to be in continual contact with the other end of the move, as you can not travel with your possessions at all times. Things will be being shipped under the guidance of a company, so you need to be able to communicate with them at all times, and this can be difficult if you are not fluent in the language of the country that you are moving to. Admittedly, the fact that you are moving there likely means that you have a decent understanding, but with all of the industry jargon and different parts of the language that these staff will be using, are you completely sure that you can get your point across and extract the information that you need?


An international removals company will also be able to ensure that you are using the best sort of transport for your move. For instance, do you know abut the weight limits in place on planes as opposed to freight shipping? Or how the price difference between the two racks up against the difference in waiting times? These are the kinds of thing that you can’t get a good idea of on Google, as they are things that you learn through experience and getting these things sorted under the guidance of those who are fully trained, like anyone at a removals company would be.


Lets face it, even if you do manage to organize the process successfully, there are so many things that could go wrong that it is often a huge risk to pull the trigger. What happens if you have sent your furniture off on a 6 week voyage and have no way of communicating with the company because you don’t have very good Chinese? The answer is that you end up spending hundreds of pounds on sorting the issue out, which was likely just as much as the removals company would have been. In the end, the extra money is often worth reducing the stresses of the extra hassle and the general unknown that this specialist industry can be.


Be wise and look in to how you can get a removals company that you can afford for your international removals, or you may find that your dream move turns in to a night mare very quickly! Good luck and bon voyage!