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How To Save On Packing Supplies For Your Move

Planning a move can get expensive. If you have a lot of packing to do, you could wind up spending hundreds of dollars on boxes, tape, and other moving supplies. If you plan it out in advance and take a few extra steps, you can help shave that cost down quite a bit.

1. Nothing Beats Free

If you need to get boxes for your move, you should try to go to a store that might have some to get rid of. A lot of larger beer and wine stores will have boxes that customers can take. If your work receives regular shipments of anything, there could be some spare boxes for you to take from there as well. Lastly, there are free box exchanges which can help you cut down on your packing supplies.

2. Re-Use What You Can

If you are moving somewhere close-by, it might be possible to bring a carload of boxes over at a time and unpack them into the new place. I’ve moved many times myself, and whenever this is an option, it always makes for the easiest move. You reduce the amount of work and boxes on both sides by ‘chipping away at the pile.’ It also reduces waste – rather than use 50 boxes, you might be able to just use 10-15. Plastic bins are also great for packing and unpacking again and again.

3. Use What You Already Have

This can be very useful for storage – a lot of people rent or buy pads to store items. However, all a moving pad is is a heavy, quilted blanket. If you have any blankets that you can stand to be without for a while, you can reduce the cost of pads by using your own. You can also try towels, linens, or old t-shirts/sweatshirts. Just keep in mind that these materials won’t be as thick as a regular moving pad, so you may want to use a few at a time.


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