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How To Properly Pack And Move A Bed

Properly packing and moving a bed is a fundamental step of every move. Whether you choose to do it on your own or hire somebody, important steps must be taken to ensure that everything makes it to the new place in good condition.

1. Pack Up The Bedding

If you have the bag that your sheets and/or comforter came in, you can use that to pack your bedding into. Otherwise, a large (or XL) box or even a trash bag will do.

2. Remove Mattress & Box Spring

Once the bedding has been removed, you can pull up the mattress and box spring (if you have one). We recommend using mattress bags to cover the mattress and box spring and protect it from dirt, dust, debris, and everything else. You may also use a mattress box for additional protection.

3. Disassemble Bed Frame

The next step could be very easy or very difficult. It really depends on your bed. If you choose to disassemble your own bed, pay close attention to every detail so that you are prepared to re-assemble it. We suggest taking a few photos on your cell phone or digital camera so that you can clearly see how everything looked when it was assembled. Make sure to keep all the hardware – screws, nuts, bolts, washers, Allen keys, and anything else that you might need.

4. Wrap The Large Pieces

Once you have disassembled the bed, you can wrap the headboard, foot board, side rails, and any other large pieces. Use furniture pads to cover all the wood, and tape the pads in place. You may want to use stretch wrap to thoroughly secure the pad to the furniture as well.


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