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How To Prepare For A Move With Professional Movers

A lot of our customers had never hired a professional moving company before. A lot of people have friends and family help them with their moves until it gets too big to ask for that sort of favor, and then they’ll call in some movers to take care of the heavy duty moves. When you hire a company, you should expect to have a crew of professionals arrive on moving day, who can come in and get the job done efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you save some time, money, and aggravation on your move.

1. Pack As Much As You Can Before They Arrive

If you’re just hiring movers to come in and move your belongings, it’s best to do as much packing as you can in advance. Many moving companies offer free box deliveries to their customers, and you can have any necessary supplies delivered before your move. By handling the packing before the movers arrive, they can just get to business and start schlepping things out right away.

Of course, most moving companies offer packing services if requested. While this can be a great way to pack up your fragile items and items of value, it can add a lot of time and cost to the move. Most of our customers pack up the easy things (books, music or video collection, games, etc) and have us do some of the tougher items (dishes, china, and other sensitive pieces).

2. Disassemble Furniture

Most of our customers will have us break down the bigger items, such as beds, entertainment centers, or hutches. However, if you are comfortable removing a mirror from a dresser, or taking the legs off of a couch or table, this can save some time when the movers arrive. If there are any pieces that you aren’t comfortable taking apart yourself, just leave it and have the movers do it – but the more you do in advance is the less time and money spent during your move.

3. Acquire Necessary Permits and Reserve Necessary Equipment

This rule mostly applies to city moves. Obtaining a parking permit for your move will ensure the best parking space and avoid pricey parking violations. You can find more information on the parking section of our website.

If you are moving out of a building with a loading dock or an elevator, let your property manager know about the move as early as you can. Many places have tight rules and regulations on these facilities, and they can be booked up well in advance.

4. Have Your Questions Answered Before Moving Day

If you hire a moving company, do not hesitate to contact them and ask them any questions you may have about the move. It’s a lot better to have a clear picture of what’s going to happen before the truck pulls up than to save these questions for the team of movers that arrives.

5. Consider Additional Insurance

Standard movers insurance only covers certain items up to $0.60 per pound. That means that the new flat-screen TV you have mounted on the wall is probably worth about $20 if it were damaged on a move. While most customers are comfortable with standard moving insurance for a majority of items, it is possible to get insurance for specific items (or the entire move) in advance of the move. We recommend Baker International, an insurance provider who offers coverage for moving services.


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