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How To Pack And Move High-End Furniture

Moving high-end furniture can be very stressful. Expensive pieces are often fragile, and protecting them from any scratches, dents, or dings is the highest priority. A lot of pieces are hand made and simply irreplicable. If you have to move some high end, boutique, or custom made furniture, you need to take the right steps to make sure that your move will be incident-free. Read on to discover the best practices to ensure that all of your items survive the move.

1. Don’t Skip Out On Insurance

If you are truly concerned about the item(s) you will be moving, there’s no substitute for insurance. Even the most skilled movers have a rare mishap. The very act of being transported in a truck is a risk–one minor pothole could cause an extremely fragile piece to be destroyed. In the event that anything is damaged, having the proper insurance is the only secure way to know that it will be covered. Standard moving insurance (offered by almost every mover in the country) only covers some items up to $0.60 per pound. Obtaining full coverage is easy and relatively inexpensive – we recommend contacting Baker International prior to your moving day.

2. Wrap Everything Thoroughly

Taking the time and materials to properly wrap everything can be the difference between everything surviving the move and not. Glass should be handled extremely carefully, wrapping in bubble wrap, moving pads, or boxes. Legs should be removed from tables and wrapped separately (they often have hardware that sticks out which can easily scratch furniture). Shelves must be removed and wrapped in pads or bubble wrap. Taking the proper precautions can make a big difference in the outcome of any move.

3. Special Consideration For Extremely Fragile Items

Oftentimes, if pieces are extremely fragile, they must be handled in a very particular manner. Big City Moving Co. has tons of experience with handling very fragile items, largely stemming from our years of work setting up photo shoots for Boston Magazine Home Edition. More often than not, the best method for transporting these items (such as lamp shades, glass, or other light breakable pieces) is to bring them in a car. A car handles the road more delicately than a large moving truck, and that can mean keeping the items in one piece.


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