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How To Organize A Successful Office Move

Today’s blog post comes from Baljinder Kaur from Aussie Removals is a London based company specializing in commercial and residential moves. Kaur offers some great tips to help prepare for an office move. 


Has your business experienced a sudden boost? You must start looking for a bigger office, so that the expansion plans can be executed properly. Office expansion is not the sole reason behind the moving office to another place, as there may be some corporate reasons behind the move. Regardless of the reason behind moving, you must give yourself at least 3 months of preparation prior to your move.

Start looking for office removals London for executing the relocation process, as unfamiliarity with moving process can elevate the stress and anxiety already existing. Do your research first when you start looking for a removals company. Always choose a local removal company to execute your move, if you are moving locally or within a state. But for an interstate corporate you must contact a removal company which specializes in conducting such moves. Make sure that they must be experienced in office removals. You must check their official website, for client testimonials to get feedback about their work.

Moving is a pain, personal or business, but a little planning can work wonders. Here are a few ways to organize your move successfully.

Plan well ahead for the move

Planning is crucial while moving your business. Make your move as cost effective as you can, as you are already in the expansion and growing phase. Get familiar with the location, where your office will be relocated. You can take measurements of the rooms, to know whether the furniture in the existing office will fit into the new office well or you need to buy new. Make sure that less time is spent while conducting the move, so that your work and productivity does not suffer.

Hire a reputed removals company

A lot of things need to be take into consideration while hiring a removals company for helping you move. Ask a few questions like:

1.How long your company has been in this business?

2.Do you specialize in corporate moves?

3.Does your quoted rate includes cost of packing materials?

4.Do you own your own removal equipment like van and truck, or will you rent it.

5.Do you provide insurance?

Inform your employees a month before

Your employees are the pillars of your company which is already witnessing a tough time. Prepare them for the move, by intimating them about the move as well as the new location, so that they can inform their family about the change. Usually people do not like change, but informing them in advance will help them in preparing for the move. Keep everyone informed to alleviate any worries or concerns.

Choose some employees who may be able to help with coordinating the move. Make a moving committee and delegate tasks to your employees who can supervise the moving company while they are packing and loading things.


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