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How To Move A Large Refrigerator

Moving a large refrigerator can be a real hassle – especially if you have to carry it up or down any stairs. However, with the right materials and proper preparation, you can make things a lot easier for yourself. Before you start, you should make sure you have the following equipment:

• Measuring Tape

• Socket Set or Wrench

• Screwdriver

• Lifting Straps (As Seen In The Photo)

Unplug And Disconnect Water Hookups (If They Are Present)

This one is probably a no-brainer. You will need to unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet. If it has an automatic ice maker, it will have a small hose going to it. You must shut the water off and try to let it drain out (or keep a pitcher handy to catch the run-off) and then disconnect the hose from the refrigerator. This can vary from fridge to fridge, but it usually requires plyers, a screwdriver, and or a socket/wrench.

Take Measurements

Find the slimmest width for your refrigerator. Make sure to measure from any handles or cords that might protrude from the base. Then measure all doorways that the refrigerator would need to go through. We’ve found that about half the time, you will need to remove the doors from the refrigerator in order to fit through doors or around corners.

Remove Doors If Necessary

If your refrigerator is too wide to pass through doorways as-is, you’ll need to remove the doors. For most standard refrigerators (such as the one pictured), this is a very easy process. There are usually two or three screws on the top that can be removed with either a socket/wrench or a screwdriver. These screws should hold in the upper pin that the top door fits into. Once removed, you simply lift up that top door (the freezer door). Then, there will be a similar piece underneath the freezer door that holds the bottom of the freezer door and the top of the refrigerator door. Again, remove the screws and you can lift the door off of the refrigerator.

Depending on how much clearance you need, you may need to remove the hardware that holds the bottom of the refrigerator door as well.

Empty The Contents

Before moving the refrigerator, remove all the shelves and drawers. These are not meant to sit in it while moving, and can fall out and break if they are not removed.

Time To Move It! 

Now that the refrigerator is properly prepared, you can proceed with moving it. We strongly recommend using lifting straps (as pictured), as the bottom of a refrigerator is jagged and hard to grip onto. Using lifting straps will allow you to keep the refrigerator off the ground in an upright position, which is almost always easiest for navigating around corners and through doorways. It will also allow you to just lift the refrigerator as high as you need to, without going too high and having to worry about your height clearance.

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