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How to Make Moving Easy When You Have a Baby

Caring for a baby isn’t easy. Babies are demanding, and they need to be fed, held, rocked, shushed, soothed, changed and cleaned throughout the day, taking up the majority of your day – and night. It’s hard to make time for anything else when you have a new baby to care for – let alone having to deal with the stress and chaos of moving.

Juggling moving and caring for a baby won’t be an easy task, but there are things you can do to make it a little easier. Here are a few tips:

Set a Realistic Timeline

Things aren’t going to get done as quickly as they did before you had a baby. Even your best laid plans will be waylaid by fussiness, teething, or sickness. Life with a baby is unpredictable, so it’s best not to make hard plans.

Set a realistic timeline for your move. It’s unlikely that you’ll get everything packed in a week. It’s unlikely that you’ll be unpacked in an equal amount of time. Give yourself plenty of time to get things ready for your move so you don’t find yourself on the wrong end of a deadline.

Keep Priority Items in Reach

When you start to pack – or later, to unpack – your home can become a chaotic mess, making it difficult for you to quickly find the things you need. You can’t afford to have to search for the things you need when you are caring for a baby. You don’t have time to search for things like bottles, blankets, digital thermometers, or clothing items.

Keep these and other items that you will need within reach. Pack these items last and label them clearly. Put the boxes on the top of the stack in the truck, or keep them with you in your car when you move. Don’t let them get buried under a mountain of boxes or to get lost amongst your other items.

Stay Organized when Packing

It’s easy to forget where you packed your things. Make it easier to remember and to find what you need when you are unpacking by staying organized. Pack like items together and label the boxes clearly. Keep boxes for each room together when you load and unload them. Consider color-coding, as well, whether you use labels or you use different colored boxes.

Hire Movers

The easiest way to manage any move is to hire someone else to do it for you. Babies take up a lot of your time. Relieve the stress by hiring someone else to manage your move for you so that you can focus on your baby. You can have someone else do the major packing and move all your items so that you don’t have to worry about harassing your friends for help or managing several loads to get your items into your new place. You can even get the movers to set up your furniture where it should be in the new place.

Caring for a new baby is time-consuming, and so is moving. Don’t make it harder on yourself than it needs to be. Use these simple tips to make moving with a baby a little easier.

Have you moved with a baby? Tell us how you made it easier in the comments!


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