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How To Deal With Winter Weather Crashing Your Moving Plans

One of the toughest parts of moving during the winter can be dealing with nasty weather. Even if you try to be flexible, the weather in Boston can be unpredictable this time of year, and sometimes you just have to trudge through it. While moving can be risky in this weather, taking the necessary precautions can help you get through your move incident-free.

Keep The Shovels Handy

We like to have everything prepared and ready when we’re planning our move, but you just have to leave the shovels handy. Whether you’re moving yourself, or if you’ve hired a moving company to do your move, you’ll need to shovel out any walkways that will be utilized during the move. Make sure you have a clear spot for the truck to park as well. If you have a long and potentially icy driveway, you’ll also need to make sure that it gets fully cleared so that it is safe for a large truck to drive across.

Melt The Ice

Ice can be dangerous under any circumstances. When carrying heavy and valuable items for a move, it only gets more dangerous. Make sure you apply a healthy coating of rock salt to break down the ice and keep the paths safe for your movers. Failing to do so could result in serious injuries or damages to the items that you’re moving.

Wear The Right Footwear

This is most important to the people who are doing the moving – whether you’re a DIY’er or you’ve hired a moving company. Wearing weatherproof, slip-free boots (or shoes) with good ankle support is a must! It’s the safest way to do your move to ensure that you keep your feet exactly where you intended. Wearing regular sneakers can result in slipping, potentially causing injuries and damages to your belongings. Also, your feet will be more likely to get wet, which can be dangerous (and very uncomfortable) in freezing temperatures.

Protect Your Floors! 

The above steps will help to protect you and your property from damages. However, this can lead to tracking icy, salty, dirty boots into your home. You can protect the floors with Builder Board-style floor protection. It works on hard floors or carpets.  You can even put it on stairs – just make sure you properly secure it with tape on all edges so that it lies flat on the ground and isn’t a possible tripping hazard.

Another good way to protect the floors is to move your items into a staging area close to the entrance. For example, if you live on a two floor house with all the bedrooms upstairs, you can have the movers bring all of the bedroom items downstairs near the door before they move things out to the truck. If you have a team of four movers, you could also have two movers handle the interior moving and staging, while the other two carry items out to the truck. This will minimize the outside debris that gets tracked across your floors in general.


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