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How To Avoid The Common Moving Day Pitfalls

“I didn’t know we had so much stuff!”

If you’ve moved recently or are planning to in the future, chances are this phrase crossed your mind. Countless boxes, awkward furniture and (gulp) dreaded stair cases add up to make moving one of the least enviable activities around. Moving trucks help, and a large team of people helps more, but no matter what, it takes a brave soul to take on moving day without the help of trained professionals. To avoid these common pitfalls, moving companies are great to keep on speed dial as you read these moving day horror stories.

You may have had a bad moving day experience, but take comfort — someone out there has had worse.

Kick the Tires

Once everything is packed away in the moving van, the trip to a new home is a welcome break from arduous labor and a time to enjoy the adventure of new surroundings — until your car breaks down, that is. There’s never a good time for car trouble, but moving day stands out as a particularly bad time. With a van full of your life essentials, car trouble can turn moving day into moving week.

There’s no sure-fire way to avoid vehicle malfunctions, but loaders can reduce the risk of tire blowouts by checking tire pressure before loading a trailer or van. With so much weight, tires should be filled to their optimal PSI as listed on the tire sidewalls.

Rainy Days

The date is circled and you’ve got an armada of man-power coming to help with that grand piano. It might as well be a rain dance. Inclement weather can ruin a moving day before it starts. Trying to move while its raining not only puts your possessions at risk, it also compromises safety.

Check the forecast leading up to your moving date, and if there’s any chance mother nature make herself known, plan for another day. If weather strikes mid-move, save demanding items such as dressers and furniture for when things clear up.

Where’s My Vase?

With an endless stream of household objects, it’s easy to see how valuables could get lost or damaged during a move. And if the moving gods have any say, the sacrificial object will be that precious family heirloom. If you’re tackling the challenge without professional help, moving insurance can protect you in case of a clumsy accident. The low premiums are a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll receive.

No Place for Kids (or Pets)

Kids may be eager about that new pool or room, but moving day is no time for mini-movers to express their excitement. Heavy furniture, distracted minds and children make up a recipe for disaster. Pets also serve as an unnecessary distraction on this all-important day.

If you’re busy doing the grunt work, assign a grandparent or babysitter to keep the kids and pets occupied while you set up your new digs. It’ll pay off in the long run. When the younglings are teenagers, make them repay you with years of hard labor as you kick back and relax.


Thanks to Don Campbell for the guest blog today! Donnie has been working on trucks and volunteering at the neighborhood soup kitchen for 15 years. He keeps a blog about his favorite cars and supporting his favorite charities.

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