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How To Avoid An Icy Disaster On Moving Day

Ice can turn your moving day into a total fiasco. It’s dangerous to walk on, it’s messy, and it’s cold. Triple whammy. With the right preparation, you can avoid letting icy conditions flip your move on its head. Follow our blog and get your move done the right way, no matter what the conditions are. 

1. Shovel 

The first step towards preventing an accident is to shovel away anything shovel-able. If it hasn’t been snowing, you might not have anything to shovel at all, but clear away as much as possible from any pathway that will be used in your move.

2. Rock Salt / Ice Melter

Once you’ve cleared away the heavier stuff, your next step will be to melt whatever ice you can. Even though the salt itself can contribute to the messiness, the priority has to be on safety. If there is any ice that your movers will need to walk on, there is an increased risk of injuries as well as damage to your property. The messiness can be dealt with afterward.

3. Protect Your Floors

No doormat in the world is going to hold up for a move during the winter. Once it gets a little wet and salty, it’s not going to prevent that wet dirt and debris from getting into your house. The best thing to do is to lay down some thick floor protection, such as Builder Board.

One strategy that we suggest is to move your items into a landing area near the doorway of your house, so that you only have to worry about tracking dirt into the one area. Once your items have all been moved inside, your movers can clean off their boots or shoes and then proceed with moving things to where they belong. It might increase the move time a little bit, but it will save you the trouble of having ice-debris tracked throughout your entire house.

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