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How Many Times Did You Move BEFORE Hiring A Moving Company?

I think we’ve all been there; moving out of the parents’ house for the first time, or into a new dorm room. Up to a certain point, you might not have that much stuff, or you might have hand-me-down furniture that you don’t worry about the condition. For many people, the first few times that you move, you do it on your own, or with the help of some friends and family. However, there comes a time when it gets to be way too much; you invest in your own furniture, you move into a bigger place, and you’re a little busier with your job and the rest of your life to put yourself through all the hassles of moving on your own. So how many times did you do it the hard way before you decided that enough was enough?

While we do a significant amount of moves for college students, most people don’t decide to hire movers until they are out of college. In college, you usually have enough able-bodied buddies in the area that can help each other out with their moves. Even moving into your first post-college apartment is often times done without the assistance of a moving company. However, as your buddies settle into careers, and maybe move into other parts of the world, most people find moving to be a tougher task by their mid-to-late 20s.

People who live closer to their family or long-lasting friends tend to be able to put off the inevitable for longer. A majority of people would prefer to save money by completing the move with some friends as opposed to shelling out hundreds of dollars (or more!) for a moving company.

There can be advantages to both choices. Apart from saving money by having friends and family help, most people find moving to be very nostalgic. You may dig up photos, games, or other artifacts of the past. While these might not hold any meaning to a moving company, it can actually be fun for you and your friends. Of course, if you hire movers, you can rest easy knowing that professionals will disassemble all furniture, pack everything properly, and then get your new place set up for you as well. Hiring movers is almost always a big stress reliever.

Whichever choice works for you is great. We’re just curious – how many times did you move without the help of a moving company, before you decided to go the easy way?

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