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How Far Ahead Should You Plan Your Move?

One of the many questions that we are frequently asked is “How far ahead do I need to plan out my move?” It’s not really a cut-and-dry question, but generally speaking; there’s no wrong answer to this. You can never plan too far in advance, but most reliable moving companies will be able to help you out on short-notice as well.


Moving During The Beginning or End of a Month

The first and last week of any month is going to be the busiest time of the month for most moving companies. A lot of people have a lease that lasts through a month or begins on the first day of the month. If you know that you need to move on the first or last days of any month, you really can’t plan your move too far in advance. As the move-date approaches, you will find many moving companies are unavailable, and it is not uncommon for truck rental places to be out of reservations within a week or two of these dates.

If it is possible to plan your move for mid-month, you will help yourself in a few ways. For one, you won’t be caught in the moving rush with everyone else, where it might be difficult to obtain permits or park your truck, and appointments will be harder to find. Also, it can be easier to negotiate a price and time slot that is more favorable to you in these less-busy times.


Beware The First Of September!

For renters, September 1st is the #1 Day to begin a rental agreement on. This means that September 1st is the busiest day of the year for moving. If you know for a fact that you need to move on September 1st (or any day within a week or so of that), make arrangements with your movers several months in advance. Even if you are unsure of where you will be moving to, you can still make an appointment to move and work out the details later on. In fact, a lot of companies (ourselves included) offer Early Bird Specials for moving on or around September 1st. Just ask for details!


If You’re Planning a Last-Minute Move…

You are not alone! Many customers wind up planning their move at the last minute, just like you. Manage your key tasks to ensure that everything will go off without a hitch.

• Call movers to see what time spots are available. If you plan on renting a truck, check the renter’s availability and make a reservation.

• Set aside time to pack and prepare. The more that you can do before the movers arrive is the less money that your move will cost. You can save money by doing your own packing and any light furniture dis-assembly that you are comfortable with.

• Make arrangements with whomever you will be exchanging papers, keys, or anything else for your move. Keep in mind that it is best to do this separately from your move. – Planning on completing an extra process mid-move can lead to downtime, where your movers are on the clock and you are tied up until the task is complete.

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