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How And When To Make Use Of Self Storage

Self storage is a booming industry, with more and more storage companies becoming well known and used more and more often by business and the public alike. How can self storage be useful to you in your relocation, if at all? Are the costs worth it? Below are some tips that can help you identify if you should make use of self storage during your move or if alternatives can be found.

Storage services available

Generally speaking, you will find that most storage companies will offer you a rented container at a secure facility. This is also becoming more commonly offered by removals companies too, which can be quite handy if you need both. Alternatively, there are also container movers that are becoming more popular for long distance moves, especially abroad.

Self storage will normally mean that although you are renting the space, you will not have anyone picking up your things from the company. This means that depending on your moving situation, it can become an additional hassle having to drive to a storage facility to pick up and collect your items. Most facilities are located off the beaten track on industrial estates, so are not always that easy to get to. That said, if you are not in a hurry to pick up your items, then they offer a very safe and secure solution for things that you don’t need right away.

Some removal companies will offer both these services – they will load your goods and then transport them via removal van to a storage site, where you can then pick up you items or have them drop them off at your new home. This can be useful if you have a very long distance move, or are unable to get access to your new home right away.

Container movers are similar to the above service, except instead of a removal van, the company will deliver a container to your property. You can then load this in your own time, and notify the company when it needs picking up. It will then be sent on to your new address or a storage facility depending on your preference. This can be very useful for long distance moves too, especially abroad, although make sure you have essentials with you, as you may arrive at your new home before your container does.

Storage mistakes

If you are moving locally, then hiring a storage facility will be a waste of money, unless you are going away for a while before you move into your new home, in which case the cost of storage will be far less than replacing everything from your old home.

It can also be tempting to store all your old or unused goods in a storage facility when moving, but this should be avoided. While you may not want to get rid of certain items, it’s better to either find space for them in your new home at the expense of something else or simply get rid of them. In fact, you can even sell such items before you move home, which will make you money as opposed to spending it, so weigh up your options carefully.

Finally, storage is best used as a short term solution unless you have the funds to spare, as it can quickly get expensive if you plan on storing something long term. Whatever your moving requirements, make sure you are clear about the advantages or disadvantages storage can bring before committing to a company.


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