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Helping Your Family Settle Into a New Post After a PCS

Relocation for military families can be an emotionally exhausting and challenging experience to have to endure over and over. The following moving tips will help ease the stressful and unsettling feelings of moving during a Permanent Change of Station (PCS):

Make It Fun & Stress-Free for Your Kids

Uprooting the home for a military family never gets easier for kids, which is why when it’s time to relocate, the wellbeing of your children should take top priority. As the matriarch of your family, your children can sense your energies. Maintain an optimistic and stress-free demeanor and ensure that your kids feel acknowledged during this transition.

Help make PCS easier for your family with the following tips:

  • Involve your children in the moving process from exploring new neighborhoods to packing up rooms
  • Communicate and listen to any feelings or insecurities your kids may have
  • Create a sense of adventure with moving to negate any fears and share excitement over new things for your family to do and discover
  • Make it fun and adventurous by creating a photo memory book or decorating boxes that are packed

Get Settled & Make It Home

A structured and orderly new home will help establish security and stability for your family. From installing one of the top LifeShield home alarm systems to hanging family portraits on the wall, make sure your new home has the necessary installations and personal decor to help your family feel safe and comfortable.

Create an orderly space and get settled during your move by tackling the following steps:

  • Establish a family budget by determining military benefits and incentives offered to your family (e.g. free oil changes and gym discounts)
  • Locate and organize important documents; a navy wife told to keep your ID in a safe spot as well as the POA, marriage license, birth certificates, social security cards, etc.
  • Fill stark space with warm decor and familiar surroundings, such as school artwork and colorful wall hangings, to make it feel like home

Create a Support System

With a new move in a new city, it’s easy to become reclusive, especially after the repeated disappointment of having to leave behind close social networks. Women’s website emphasizes the importance of connecting with others in your community through school functions or community events. Online resources such as Blue Star Families, Faith Deployed and Operation We Are Here provide support, strength and faith for military wives. Meeting people and making friendships is difficult for everyone; however, for military wives, the interpersonal connections and shared experiences will help eliminate feelings of loneliness and discouragement.

Find Time for Yourself

If you’re taking time to care for yourself, then you can be your best self for taking care of your family as well. Reserve time for personal maintenance such as exercise, creativity and mental relaxation. As the caretaker of your family, feeling healthy and fulfilled will naturally enhance your parenting skills and family dynamic.

Enjoy your alone time with any of the following activities:

  • Start a blog that chronicles your family’s adventures or another personal passion such as cooking and baking
  • Join local running groups or free yoga events to meet new faces and stay healthy
  • Sign up for an online class to build upon a skill
  • Invest in home DIY and craft projects

Avoid feeling guilty about taking some personal time. If you’re mentally, physically and emotionally healthy, then you can offer your children the best.



Thanks to Guest Blogger Lisa Sampson Lisa is a stay-at-home mom who writes for several family blogs (and she sells kitchen gadgets!).

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