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Helping Your Children Handle the Moving Process

Moving houses is one of the toughest challenges in one’s life. To part with everything you know and love and to move to a place you have never lived before is a transition not everybody can go through. And even if s/he does, it will require a huge effort. And if such a change is difficult for an adult, just imagine how hard it would be for a child. Children’s mentality can be easily affected, and if you don’t bear that in mind you will end up with one sad and really bitter child in your household. And you wouldn’t want that. Kids are most upset by the fact that they don’t have the say and their parents take all the decisions without even asking their offspring about an opinion. In other words, moving to a new house is the most difficult process a child can undergo, even worse than going through an illness. Being a caring parent, however, you can help your child by making the transition a bit more bearable.

Have a serious conversation prior to the moving. Make sure your child is well familiar with what is about to happen. Don’t ‘serve’ it as a bad surprise. The sooner you do this, the better. This is how your son or daughter will have enough time to get used to the idea and to completely accept it. Give as much information about the new area you are moving to as possible. Stress on its advantages and positive aspects. This is how the little one will understand that the new place is not necessarily worse than your current one. Do your best to convince your kid that the move is for all your family’s best. And don’t forget to point out the reasons for moving. The real, actual ones. Aim for understanding. In case your future dwelling is not too far from your present one, go on a trip to visit  it. Even a couple of visits prior to the move. If your kid likes it, s/he might even become eager to move there as fast as possible. However, if it’s too far away for you to make any preliminary journeys, ‘visit’ it online. Show your child pictures of the new city/neighborhood, tell him/her fun and interesting facts about it as well as all the things one can do there.

Bear in mind that focusing too much on the move may have a negative effect on the situation. Try to take your child’s attention away from this matter from time to time. Enjoy your time by going to the movies, attend a sports game or just remain at home, playing video games. Sure the moving in process might be the most important thing at the moment, but try hard not to let it ruin your child-parent relations.

Sure, you can’t let the child decide for you which city to move to and which house to live in. Neither can you let him/her decide on how to furnish the house. However, what you can do is to give your son or daughter the freedom to choose the decoration for his/her room. The furniture’s arrangement, the interior, the color, etc.

Once you arrive at your new home, be sure to spend as much time together as possible. Wander around the neighborhood, explore the place, visit all the notable sights. In other words – try getting used to your new home.


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