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Helping Your Children Cope with Moving

For grownups, moving often meant a fresh start, an exciting adventure. But for children, moving meant leaving the house they grew up in and all their friends. Moving to a new house is often a traumatic experience for children, which is why it’s important to learn the right way to handle such stressful time on your own. Here are some tips you can use to help your children cope with moving.

Perfect Timing –One of the best periods to make a move is during summer season when school is out. Because kids are on vacation, they can focus more on making friends and learning about the neighborhood when you move. Check out some of the organized summer sports and activities they have in the community and let your child join if possible.

Preparation is Key – In order to minimize the effects of moving on your children, you need to prepare for the inevitable. It all starts with the way you share the news to your children. Sharing the news to them in a sad and pained manner will put the whole moving thing in a negative light. Eventually, they’ll dread moving out. To avoid this, break the news in the very positive manner and they will mirror your emotions.

You should also try your best to fill them in with all the important details of the move such as the date and location. Expect a lot of questions about the neighborhood so you should do your research.

No Man Left Behind – You should patiently reassure your children that none of their possessions will be left behind. They consider everything they own valuable as these items offer them a sense of security and make it seem like they are still living in your old house. You can ask your child to make a checklist of his or her possessions and refer to this as you pack.

Fear of the Unknown – One of the primary reasons why children are afraid of moving is they don’t know what to expect when you move to the new house. Offer them a glimpse of where you are going to live by painting a picture of how the new neighborhood looks like in their mind, etc.

Saying Goodbye – Sure you’re busy with tasks for the move and of course it can be very painful to say goodbye to everyone in your neighborhood. Nevertheless, it is only proper to bid everyone goodbye properly. You must also continue your children’s activities such as play dates and attending birthday parties to give them a sense of permanence. Before the big day of your move, you can hold a simple gathering and invite your children’s friends and their parents. Hand out cards with your new address and phone numbers and try your best to keep in touch.


Jove Arthur makes sure he keeps in touch with his friends. As a child, he has experienced moving several times, but these did not deter him from keeping in touch with people he counts as friends. At Door Emporium, a provider of  wood doors.

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