To many people, the Town of Brookline, MA feels like a neighborhood of Boston. However, Brookline is actually a separate town. Brookline offers a wide range of real estate, including condos, dorms, apartments, and houses. It is also home to hundreds of businesses. There are thousands of reasons why you may be moving to Brookline, and our guide will help you get settled into your new home.

1. Before You Move

• Moving Permits – Whether you are moving to Brookline, or moving out of town, you may need to obtain parking permits from Brookline Town Hall. Town Hall is located at 333 Washington St. For more information, you can contact Joshua Layne at (617) 730-2177.

• Change of Address – The week before you move, you should update your address with the RMV, Post Office, your own bank(s), and for any bills or periodicals that you receive.

– RMV – In most circumstances, you can save a trip to the RMV by completing the form at the Mass RMV Website. If you do need to visit the RMV in person, the three closest locations are 550 Arsenal St, Watertown, 630 Washington St, Boston and 8 Cummins Highway, Roslindale.

– Post Office – Like the RMV, most change-of-address transactions can be completed online at If you do need to visit a local branch, there are two to choose from in Brookline. The locations are 1295 Beacon St and 207 Washington St.

• Local Utilities – The following companies provide utilities for the area. If you already have their services, you should be able to transfer your account to the new location.

National Grid – National Grid provides natural gas as well as electricity for areas in Brookline. Click for more info.

NStar – NStar also provides natural gas and electricity to areas in Brookline. Click for more info.

Cable/Internet Services – The following companies provide service to Brookline



Verizon (FiOS Available in certain areas only)

2. Settling In

• Resident Parking Permit – If you plan on keeping a car in Brookline, there are a few guidelines that you will need to follow. In general, if you don’t have your own driveway, you will need to rent a space for overnight parking. Overnight spots are $100/month from a few different places. In addition to securing an overnight parking spot, you will also require a Resident Parking Permit ($25/year) in order to leave your car parked in the resident parking spaces. The following links will help you find the right permits for your car.

Brookline Resident Parking Permit

Brookline Overnight Parking Info

• Additional Parking Info For Red Sox Home Games – Due to the high volume of cars and traffic that pass through Brookline when there is a Red Sox game at Fenway, there are special regulations for parking during a Sox game. In general, the rates are higher and the meters extend to longer hours. For more info, see the following link.

Red Sox Parking

• Points of Interest – Everywhere you look in Brookline, there’s something to see. There are beautiful parks, theaters, shops, restaurants, and more. Brookline has it all. Here are just a few selections that you may want to check out.

Larz Anderson Park – Aside from being a great park to walk in (with good hills for sledding in the winter as well), Larz Anderson Auto Museum is the country’s oldest collection of automobiles.

The birthplace of JFK – The historical buff in you will enjoy visiting this national treasure. JFK lived in Brookline for about 10 years as a child, and the Kennedy family has many historical sites in Brookline.

Coolidge Corner – This is a great place to do some shopping, dining, visit galleries, or see one of the finest movie theaters in the Boston area. It’s also a hot spot for public transportation, with the C Line passing through, as well as many buses.

Cleveland Circle – Like Coolidge Corner, Cleveland Circle is also bustling with many dining choices, shops, galleries, and more. It also has some of the city’s longest parking meters, so if you want to leave the car somewhere for the day and hop on the T, this is a great place. Also in Cleveland Circle is the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which is a great place for a walk, jog or a bike ride.

Supermarkets in Brookline – Brookline has plenty of corner markets that cater to all different styles of ethnic foods. In addition to those, there are a few choices for your general grocery needs.

Shaw’s / Star Market – Located at 1717 Beacon St.

Stop & Shop – Located at 155 Harvard St.

Trader Joe’s – Located at 1317 Beacon St.

• Public Transportation – Brookline is one of the easiest areas to navigate by ways of the MBTA. It connects with the B, C, and D lines of the Green Line. It also has many buses that run through the area, as well as the commuter rail. For more info, visit

• Local Taxi Service – During certain times and locations, it can be pretty easy to hail a cab on the street. However, we generally recommend calling ahead to schedule a pick up, especially if you need to be somewhere on time. The following are a few companies that provide taxi service to the Brookline area.

Horizon Cab – (781) 308-8771

Quick Reference 

Brookline Police Department – (617) 730-2222

350 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

Brigham & Women’s Hopsital* – (617) 731-0763

20 Kent St, Brookline, MA 02446

*There are quite a few hospitals in the area. Brigham & Women’s is just one that has many different programs.