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The City of Boston seems to have an irrepressible bond with it’s citizens. Sure, people may complain about the extreme weather, which included Nor’ Easters, tornadoes, blizzards, heat waves, and more. People may complain about traffic and ongoing road constructions. However, the people who choose to stay in Boston suffer through the elements because they love Boston. Whether you’re moving to Boston for college, or with your family, or to start a business – we think that you will love calling Boston home.

1. Before You Move

• Moving Permit – Unless you have access to a parking lot, driveway, or loading dock, you’ll want to get a parking permit for your move. Permits can be obtained from City Hall in Boston at the Government Center T Stop on the Green Line. For more info, see: Boston Parking Permits.

• Change of Address – In the week before you move, you should update your address with the RMV, Post Office, your own bank, and any bills or periodicals that will continue being sent to you.

RMV – In most circumstances, you can save a trip to a physical office by completing the form at the Mass RMV Website. If you do need to visit the RMV in person, the closest location is at 630 Washington St, Boston, MA.

Post Office – Once again, for most purposes, you can update your address via the web. Here is a link to the USPS site for updating your address. If you do need to visit the local branch, it is located at 800 Boylston St.

Local Utilities – The following companies provide utilities for the area. If you already have their services, you should be able to transfer your account to the new location.

National Grid – National Grid provides natural gas as well as electricity for areas in Allston and Brighton. Click for more info.

NStar – NStar also provides natural gas and electricity to areas in Allston and Brighton. Click for more info.

Cable/Internet Services – The following companies provide service to Allston and Brighton




2. Settling In

Resident Parking Permit – Even if you have your own parking space or driveway, having a resident parking permit is a good idea for all vehicle owners in the city. Not only that, but permits are free of charge. View this helpful link for more info.

Supermarkets in the area – In addition to some of the chain supermarkets, Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood is also home to a few exclusive gourmet grocery stores.

Shaw’s @ The Prudential – Located at 53 Huntington Ave

Trader Joe’s – Located at 899 Boylston St

Deluca’s Market – Located at 239 Newbury St

Public Transportation – For the easiest routes to wherever you need to get to, visit

Local Taxi Service – Hailing a cab in Boston is usually the quickest way to get service. However, it can be a good idea to call a taxi service if you have to be somewhere on time. The following companies service the Back Bay.

Back Bay Taxi


Quick Reference 

Boston Police Department – (617) 343-4250

650 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02116

Children’s Hospital Boston – (617) 355-6286

300 Longwood Ave #2, Boston, MA 02115

Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates – (617) 859-5000

165 Dartmouth St, Boston MA 02116