Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts

Davis Square, Somerville, MA

Somerville is a great home for almost anyone. In fact – Somerville was determined to be the most densely populated municipality in all of New England back in 2010. You will find many options for apartments, condos, houses, and student housing. The different neighborhoods of Somerville offer many diverse settings. If you’re moving to Somerville, this is the Ultimate Guide for you!

1. Before You Move

• Moving Permit – Obtaining a parking permit for your move is free in Somerville. You will need to have some Proof of Residency or a valid lease/bill of sale as well as a copy of your vehicle’s registration. You can choose to mail or hand-deliver your application, but permits must be picked up in person. For more info, visit parksomerville.com.

• Change of Address – In the week before you move, you should update your address with the RMV, Post Office, your own bank, and any bills or periodicals that will continue being sent to you.

RMV – In most circumstances, you can save a trip to a physical office by completing the form at the Mass RMV Website. If you do need to visit the RMV in person, the closest location is at 630 Washington Street, Boston, MA.

Post Office – Once again, for most purposes, you can update your address via the web. Here is a link to the USPS site for updating your address. If you do need to visit a local branch, there are three locations for Somerville. 58 Day St #100, 320 Broadway, and 237 Washington St.

Local Utilities – The following companies provide utilities for the area. If you already have their services, you should be able to transfer your account to the new location.

National Grid – National Grid provides natural gas as well as electricity for areas in Somerville. Click for more info.

NStar – NStar also provides natural gas and electricity to areas in Somerville. Click for more info.

Cable/Internet Services – The following companies provide service to Somerville




2. Settling In

• Parking Permits – Somerville keeps a tight watch on parking in the city. If you plan on keeping a car in Somerville, even if you own a driveway, you’ll want to own a Residential Parking Permit. They are only $30 for a year. For more info, see parksomerville.com

– Visitor Parking – Part of keeping a close watch on Resident parking also means an increased presence watching over visitor parking. Residents can hold up to two visitor passes, which are good for parking on any 2 days of the week + Sunday. For more information, visit parksomerville.com.

Points of Interest

• Davis Square – The Davis Square area is one of our favorite areas in the Boston vicinity. It’s home to tons of great dining options, and the Somerville Theater is a great venue for a movie or a concert. It’s also a good spot to pick up the Red Line or many of the bus lines in the area.

Porter Square – Part Somerville, Part Cambridge, Porter Square is another great neighborhood. It’s got plenty of markets and again, lots of great choices for dining and shopping.

• Union Square – Home to many great restaurants and clubs, Union Square is a very fun part of town.

Supermarkets in the area

Shaw’s – Located at 14 McGrath Highway.

Stop & Shop – Located at 779 McGrath Highway.

Market Basket – Located at 400 Somerville Ave.

Public Transportation – Somerville is conveniently connected to the MBTA via the Red Line and through many different bus routes. For trip planning or to find service in your area, visit http://www.mbta.com/.

Local Taxi Service – Hailing a cab on the street can be done without too much trouble in parts of Somerville. However, we recommend calling ahead to schedule an appointment.

Green Cab & Yellow Cab of Somerville(617) 628-1081

Somerville Taxi(617) 649-6000

Quick Reference 

Somerville Police Department(617) 625-1600

68 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143

Cambridge Health Alliance Somerville Hospital(617) 591-4500

230 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143