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Get Moving – Top 5 tips For a Quick and Easy Move

Moving house can be an exciting change in your life, but the process can sometimes be far from that. We have listed 5 handy tips to ensure your move is easy, quick and will take you from the process of moving to moved. There are plenty of removal companies in the UK to assist you along the way. You can find them online or  in a directory.

#1 – Safety Comes First

Most households are heaving with fragile ornaments and crockery. Make sure they arrive at your new property safely and in the state that you left them. A good tip to making sure they are safe and secure is by killing two birds with one stone. Wrap your fragile possessions with items of clothing that way not only are your clothes all packed up but your delicate items are also kept safe. Throwing in clean socks provides that extra safety. Not only that but you are also  making a saving not having to buy bubble wrap.

#2 – Make Your Essentials Crystal Clear 

So you’ve finally packed your entire belongings all into similar looking cardboard boxes. They’re all tucked away and sealed tightly shut. When it comes to unpacking, chances are that you’ll be exhausted and so the last thing you want to do is rummage through each and every box to find your basic essentials such as your toothbrush or your laptop. Make your life easier, put all your basic essentials to one side and pack them in a clear box, so when you do come to unpack them, your essentials will be within easy reach.

#3 – Be Organized: Label Your Boxes 

Label all your boxes identifying what room the box belongs to and what is included in each box. Take some time  to write this all out not only on the top of the boxes but at the sides too, so that you will be able to see your labels clearly even when they are stacked up.

#4 – Find Ways of Getting Rid of Unwanted Items 

We all are all culprits of perhaps sometimes buying things that we do not necessarily need and in addition this many of us also end up accumulating our fair share of unwanted gifts too. Get rid of them in advance rather them dragging them along with you to your new home, as the only purpose they will have is taking up valuable space. There are many ways to flog these kinds of items. You could complete an act of kindness by  donating them to a charity, or you could even hand them out as freebies to friends or families that have helped you in your moving process. You could also earn some extra cash on the side by selling them online. There are a number of websites online that allow you to sell your items quickly and efficiently.

#5 – Don’t Forget Your Pet

If you have any pets make arrangements well in advance. Coming up with a last minute solution can be stressful. Ask family or friends who have moved recently how they sorted out getting  their pet to be moved safely. Do some research to find out where you will be able to leave your pet during this busy period. Maybe you could leave them with  a family member or with friends – whatever you feel comfortable with. But just remember to think about this before you begin the packing process.

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