Five Unexpected Reasons For Hiring A Moving Company

A lot of people would think to call a moving company when in the process of moving. However, there are many other tasks that experienced, intelligent movers would be able to help you out with. Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning, home renovations, or just moving things around, it can be smart to have a good, reliable moving company to talk to.

1. Cleaning Out The BAGS (Basement, Attic, Garage & Shed)

junk pileup in garage

A garage like this one could even fit a car or two, with a little love!

A good team of movers is a great way to work on cleaning out the neglected areas, such as garage, basement, attic, or shed. For many people, these kind of ‘storage areas’ within the house tend to collect items for years and years, while most people don’t take the time to organize, clean, or toss away the junk. With a good team of movers and a truck, you can take a disastrous pileup of stuff and turn it into usable, workable space.

2. Clearing The Way For Home Projects

We’re coming upon spring, and this is a very popular time for people to work on some home projects. For some projects, such as painting, working on floors or carpeting, it is necessary to clear all furniture and items from the rooms that you will be working on.

Two workers painting inside a house

The room has been cleared so that the painters have room to work.

A local moving company should be able to help you move items within your house, or even out to a pod or to a storage facility. The scope of your project may dictate which solution works best; storing items in the basement or garage for a couple weeks is fine if doing some painting or floor work, but you may want to rent a storage pod or room at a storage facility if you have a project that will take more time.

3. Room Arrangement / Interior Moving

furniture arrangement - bed, nightstand, lamp

A perfectly arranged bedroom is a key to happiness at home.

There are times when it can be very useful to hire a team of movers to help with some  work around the house. We have gotten calls to help set up furniture and arrange rooms, either for a new home, or people trying new arrangements with their furniture. For example, if your kids have been sharing a room but an older sibling is off to college, it can be useful to have a team of movers help with splitting the double room into the newly vacant room.

4. Hoisting Services

A team of qualified and experienced movers can be a great option for moving large pieces of furniture that might not fit up the stairs. This is a very popular service here in Boston, where many buildings are plagued with narrow staircases that will not yield a sofa, box spring, or head board.

Hoisting is a difficult job, and can be risky for both the items being moved and the people moving them. If a piece falls during a hoist, it could destroy the piece and injure the people working below. This is why we would always recommend having a licensed and insured moving company to assist with a hoisting job; it’s simply too great a risk to attempt on your own.

Our movers are experienced in hoisting refrigerators, sofas, dressers, mattresses & box springs, bed frames, and much more. If you need a quote on hoisting, reach out to us right here!

5. Furniture Assembly & Delivery

reading instruction manual and assembling new furniture

An experienced moving team can make your furniture assembly jobs a breeze!

Getting new furniture can be very exciting. It can also be very stressful, if you are left alone with an indecipherable instruction manual and limited time. Many moving companies in Boston will offer on-location services for assembling new furniture, or even option to pick up furniture from a store or gallery, deliver it to your residence, assemble it, and arrange it however you’d like. Big City Moving Company even offers the removal of old furniture if you are replacing pieces that you no longer need. Hiring a team of experienced movers can help to relieve a lot of stress, as you know you are getting helpers who have spent a lot of time building and dismantling furniture.


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