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Finding The Right Moving Companies In Boston

While there are no shortage of moving companies in Boston, a lot of people don’t realize that certain companies can cater to certain needs. Most moving companies will be able to move the contents of a typical apartment, house or condo with no issues. However, if you are moving pianos or heavy machinery, or if your move involves a complicated hoist or crane lift, you’re going to want to do a little more research and make sure you find the right movers for your job.

Moving Pianos

A majority of moving companies in Boston are able to move an upright piano. If you have a larger piano, it’s probably of considerable value, and it’s probably a good idea to bring in a company that specializes in that sort of thing. This can also be true if your upright piano needs to be carried up or down any flights of stairs. For this sort of thing, we like to refer Death Wish Piano Movers. These guys can really work some magic with those moves involving large and heavy items in seemingly impossible situations. They can be tough to get a hold of, but you can be confident that you’re hiring the right guys for that sort of job.

High-Level Hoisting or Crane Lifting

There are some nasty stairways in Boston (we’re looking at you, North End). Navigating large pieces of furniture up and down these can be a challenge, and often just isn’t possible. While most licensed and insured movers will be able to help you with a typical hoist, lifting pieces up to the fifth floor and above is no easy job. If you think this might be the case, you should talk about it with any moving companies that you are considering hiring. Also find out about insurance and what would be covered in the event that something is damaged. The best company that we know of for doing these very high-level hoists and crane lifts is Titan Movers. Their services tend to be a bit more expensive, but you can hire them to only carry the pieces that are necessary.

Long Distance Moving

Local moving and long-distance moving are two different things. Licensing is different – and a lot of moving companies might only be legally permitted to work within the boundaries of one state. Even more so, a lot of cross-town or cross-state movers charge hourly rates. Hiring this sort of company to move your items over a longer distance is going to rack up a much higher bill than it needs to.

We’ve found that the best way to handle long distance moves is by using a shipping company such as PODS or UPack (who bring shipping containers to your residence) or ABF (you deliver your items to and from their shipping facilities on either end). These companies handle nationwide shipping requests non-stop, and part of that means that you aren’t paying a company to deliver your items (and only your items) on your schedule. You might need to have a little more flexibility with your move, but this can really save a lot of money.

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