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Finding The Right Movers In Boston

Finding the right movers in Boston can be tricky. There is certainly no shortage of them out there. Trying to weed through Google results can be time consuming. If your move requires special needs, you want to know that the company you are reaching out to is capable of it. You also want to work with a reputable, well established company.

Today’s blog is going to give you a few tips on how to narrow your search. You’re going to need to consider what makes your move different. Is there hoisting required? Lots of assembly or dis-assembly? Are you moving long distance? Can you only move before or after work? Whatever the case is, make sure that you let any movers that you contact know right away, so you don’t wind up getting information that doesn’t pertain to your move.

Ask About Insurance

If you care about your things, you’re going to want to make sure that the movers you hire are insured. Most movers have a standard insurance policy that covers your items up to $.60 per pound of item. That doesn’t provide a lot of coverage for say, a 100 pound TV – which would be insured for $60. But without the insurance, you’ll be stuck with the bills of any repairs. Licensed movers can help you get in touch with an additional insurance provider such as Bakers International, who can insure your items for their true value.

Go Over Your Special Requirements

Make sure you let your movers know exactly what is required if you feel like it is not a typical item. If an extremely large piece of furniture was built in a small room, for instance, let them know that they might need to disassemble it, or hoist it down to get it out of your location. If you are moving long distance, ask about what options you have to keep your costs down, or if the movers do long distance carries.

Check Ratings & Reviews From Trusted Sources

The person that you speak with on the phone has a job to sell you on the move. They might say things to encourage you to hire them for their services. If you only speak with that person, who is sure to speak highly of their company’s services, how can you know what other people are actually saying?

We recommend first checking the Better Business Bureau. They will show an overall Grade Rating for any business that is registered. You will be able to see any complaints and how they were handled.

It is a good idea to check other review sites as well, such as Google Reviews, Yelp, or Angies List. These sites usually give a pretty good picture of overall customer satisfaction. As with any site that allows users to post content, certain posts may not be 100% reliable, but they do generally portray the company in a pretty accurate light.

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