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Did Hurricane Sandy Crash Your Moving Party?

In case you hadn’t heard (anything’s possible, right?), Hurricane Sandy is climbing up the coast and leaving a pretty nasty warpath behind it. In the last 24 hours, areas from Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina and more have seen tremendous flooding and other damage. Here in Boston, heavy rains have already begun to fall and the wind is getting stronger by the minute. Hopefully, you don’t have to move (or do any other potentially dangerous activity) in these awful conditions–but sometimes, things can’t wait.

If you do have to get your move done while the storm is here, you need to be very careful. Slippery walkways or ramps can be extremely dangerous, for yourself as well as whatever it is being moved. Carrying a large piece, like an armoire or mirror, can be difficult with strong winds pulling on it. If there is any way to push your move back until the dangerous weather is over, you’ll be much better off.

While you’re waiting for the weather to pass, you can take some steps indoors to ensure that the move will be as quick and smooth as possible when it all happens. Wrap your furniture with pads, tape, and/or shrink wrap so that it is ready to go. Disassemble any non-vital furniture so it will be ready to be moved (you might want to leave the beds together if you have to wait for a couple days). Disconnect the electronics – such as televisions, stereos, computers, and anything else that needs to be broken down. Pack up your non-perishable/non-vital goods.

As always, in emergency situations, you need to take all the necessary precautions. Keep flashlights/candles in a place that you will be able to access. We recommend keeping your cell phones plugged in so that you can still use them in a power outage. If situations worsen and you are facing dangerous circumstances, such as severe flooding, power loss, or anything else, be prepared to leave and head to a safer location.

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