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Cold Weather Moving Tips

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes the truth hurts; we live in New England, and winter is well on its way. Today’s blog is aimed at helping you move in these frigid winter months.

Now cold weather is just cold weather, and that’s bad enough. However, with the cold weather, we’ll also be facing ice, snow, plows, unshoveled walkways, and much more. Use this helpful moving tips to assist you in planning your winter move.

Follow The Weather Reports

Taking a little time to check the weather can go a long way here. You don’t want to have a blizzard sneak up on you when you’re supposed to be moving out. Checking up on things in the days prior to a move will help you prepare if you need to make any last minute adjustments to accommodate a storm.

Plan Your Move With A Little Wiggle Room

In weather emergencies, it is likely that you just won’t be able to get your move done until things clear up. Plan your move earlier than the absolute last day you can be in your original location. If you must be out of your house by January 31, set a move date of January 25. This will provide a ‘safety net’ for you should the conditions be too treacherous.

Hire Professional Movers

Maybe you’ve had your buddies help you out with your moves in the past, and you want to keep it that way. While that can be a great way to cut a corner and save money on your move, we think you’re going to want to call in the professionals for this. Moving is hard enough when the weather and temperature are ideal. Adding in the element of freezing ice and snow does not make it any easier! When you hire professionals, you’re going to get movers who are adept at moving year-round. It will help to protect your property, and it’ll also help to keep your buddies from getting hurt.

Be Prepared For The Weather

Don’t wait until you’re snowed in to get the shovels out of the shed. Stock up on all necessary winter gear before it hits so that you’re ready for it. Make sure you have plenty of rock salt to take care of an icy walkway. If you have a snow blower, make sure you can access it in an emergency. Make sure to shovel the walkways before the movers come, so that they can get started with your move upon arrival. And for a professional’s tip – use old or unwanted blankets, sheets, towels, or other linens to keep your floors and carpets covered. Treading sandy, salty, wet slushy snow onto your floors and carpets can be a nightmare!

Dress For Success

When you’re standing in the cold, it might feel like you need to be bundled up like an eskimo. However, once you start moving, you’re going to warm up and find that you won’t need all that. Wear a few layers so that you can control your body temperature.

• Make sure you have some waterproof, non-slip boots.

• Find a pair of gloves that are waterproof and warm while still allowing you to have a good grip (I recommend these, which can be found online or at many hardware stores).

• Layers are crucial! T-shirt + Thermal shirt + sweater + hooded sweatshirt + jacket. Maybe it’s not that cold but it’s snowing, and you need to go down to your T-shirt with a jacket. Maybe it’s freezing and you’re just getting started and you want it all. Mix and match until you’re comfortable.

Don’t Be A Hero

The most important thing for your winter move (or any move) is to stay safe. As frustrating as it can be to split your move up and finish it on another day, sometimes it’s the only way to safely complete your move. Maybe the stairs or the ramp on the truck have gotten more slippery, or maybe the snow never let up and now the driving conditions are getting worse. Whatever the case – as long as you plan your move with a little wiggle room, you’ll be able to put it off until it is safe to finish. The last thing that you want on your moving day is to have an accident and either wound up hurt in the hospital or with damage your car or the moving truck. Recognize when things get too bad, and don’t be hesitant to call your move off at the last minute.

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