Cleaning Your Belongings When Moving Out




Moving out is a long and difficult process that is usually accompanied by lots of nagging, murmuring and quarrels. “Should I take that vase?” or “Am I going to wear these jeans?” – these are questions that you keep asking yourself.


Since you want to make the process as painless as possible you often end up packing everything without even sorting out the stuff. Wrong. You need to carefully look at every item and decide whether you really need it. This will make transporting the items easier and less expensive (especially if you want to hire a removal company).


Unless you clean all your belongings before moving out you will end up with a lot more tasks to do when you get to your new home. Why? Simply because you will have more stuff to unpack and organise once you are in the new premises. Not to mention you will spend time wondering about whether you want to keep something or not. So, here is the thing. You have to get the job done now, before you leave the house. Follow our instructions and you’ll see how easy and fast the process goes.


Have a plan


Leaving all the decluttering and packing for the last two days before you leave is not the best thing you can do. Tackling the entire place in a few hours is not going to work, nor is it going to be successful. You need more time. Quite possibly you are going to have to start decluttering a couple of months before you leave. This will enable you to examine all the stuff and decide what stays and what goes. Rushing things is never a good idea. You need to sit and think well. Make sure you reduce the amount of stuff to pack by one third. Bring with you only the most valuable items and those which have a sentimental value to you. Make two piles, one for the things you are going to pack and one for the clutter.



Get rid of unnecessary stuff


Don’t get sentimental about your belongings, especially for the knick-knacks. Keeping things that you don’t need takes up space and energy. Since you are going to move to a new home, you probably want to start fresh. Hence, there is no room for old stuff that you no longer use. Our advise is, take a good look at your things and think well whether you will miss something if you get rid of it. According to specialists, 30% of your stuff can easily be disposed of without you missing any part of it ever! Just remember that the more clutter you get rid of, the less pounds you will be paying to move. Meaning, if you hire an agency to transport your stuff to your new home, they will charge you depending on the amount of stuff to move. So the less stuff you have, the less money you will pay. It’s simple as that!


Check out whether there are items that:

• Don’t fit in size


• You don’t like/love


• You don’t use


• Gifts you never used


• Expired medicine


• Papers, bills, cash receipts from last year


• Books and magazines you won’t ever read again


• Unfinished projects


Be sure to get rid of all the items listed above. Then go room by room looking for stuff that has been there so long that you don’t even notice it anymore.


Author Bio: As a manager of end of tenancy cleaning agency, July Minor has seen a lot of places and how the people are treating their belongings.