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Choosing The Right Moving Insurance

When choosing a mover, one of the most important questions that you should ask is “are you insured?” Hiring an insured moving company can save you an immense amount of stress, time, and money should anything go wrong on your move.


The natural follow-up question to that is “how much insurance is enough?” Standard moving insurance covers most items at a rate of $.60 per pound. That means that your new 3D Plasma Screen TV that you paid $2000 for could be worth as $60 (or even less) in moving insurance. Clearly, in this situation, you’re going to want to get the television insured for what it is actually worth. What else do you need to have covered for it’s full value?


Find out what is not covered by standard insurance

One easy way to know what you will want to consider insuring is to know what won’t be covered right off the bat. Standard moving insurance (the insurance that is included with professional moving service) does not cover any furniture made of particle board. It does not cover any boxes that are not packed by a professional mover. It does not cover any items that were not moved by employees of the moving company. That means that if you have had one company move your items into storage, and another company move your items out of storage – the items would not be covered by either company (unless you noted any damages when the first company was moving the items into storage).

Insure anything of remarkable value

Most insured moving companies have been in business long enough that any mistakes are few and far between. However, you really don’t want to test your luck with any irreplacable heirlooms. If you have any items of remarkable value in your house, it is always smartest to have it insured for its real value.

Insuring every item in your house

Moving insurance companies (like Baker International) offer a variety of coverage options. You can choose to have as little as one piece insured, or you can have every item in your household insured through them. Please know in advance that attempting to have everything covered can be extremely time consuming, and is not recommended for the average move.


The best thing you can do to ensure that you are insured for what you need it is to speak to a moving insurer such as Baker International. They will be able to cater to your specific needs and find the best plan to suit your move.


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