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Cheap Furniture Delivery vs. Do It Yourself

A lot of people ask us “Why would I pay for a company to deliver new furniture to my house if it comes in a box? Couldn’t I just do it myself?” Of course! You could take matters into your own hands with these things, but why would you?

Let’s say you bought a new bedroom set from Ikea to replace some old furniture. Now, you need to get the furniture to your house, up any stairs that it needs to go up, and brought into the correct room. But wait – the old bed, dresser, and nightstand are still in there, and you’ll never have enough room to set up the new furniture with everything else in the way. So now, you shlep out all the old furniture to be dealt with later.

Next step: Assembling furniture. Who wrote these instructions anyway? You have to have an engineering degree to understand what they mean! You haven’t tried anything this crazy since college!

Now after you’ve finally gotten all your new furniture assembled, it’s time to make some key decisions. Should the bed go against the wall or under the window? What wall for the dresser? To really see how it’ll feel, you’ll need to lift everything into it’s proper space, being careful not to scratch the floors, walls, or your new furniture. And you don’t even like the bed over there! 

Now finally, you’ve got the pieces exactly how you want them. Done, right? Nope, not yet! You still need to deal with the original furniture that you’ve moved out of the room. It’d be nice to get rid of it… but maybe you could hang on to that old dresser? How would it look in the living room? Or maybe that old desk could still get some use in the basement, if you can find the right spot. But if not, how are you going to get rid of it? That’ll never fit in the sedan! 


Do you really want to put up with all of these things?

Most people will agree, all that work is just too much to deal with. But there are people out there who are crazy enough to do it for you. People like us!

• Furniture delivery – New, old – it doesn’t matter. You can shop online and arrange an in-store pickup for furniture at most outlets, and just send us to pick it up! You don’t have to set foot into a bustling furniture department again! Or maybe you wanted to pick up that dining set that you saw for free on Craigslist. We will cater to your needs – whether it’s just one guy grabbing a couple small things, or if you need a full squadron to gut and reorganize your whole house.

• Furniture assembly – Our movers have more experience in putting furniture together than any other company! We are specialists in safely and efficiently assembling all furniture. We have the equipment and the know-how to get the job done right.

• Removal of old or unwanted furniture – You don’t want to lug that old mattress around strapped to your car, do you? We do item removal for as cheap as it comes. Or, if you decide to sell some of the things rather than throw them out, we’ll deliver them for you. That’s a big bargaining chip for Craigslist – “delivery is covered”!

• Room arrangement service – Indecisive? Don’t take it out on the floors. We can carry the pieces from one corner of the room to the other until the room looks exactly the way you want it. Even if you can’t decide between the basement or the attic – we’ll get your furniture where you want it, and back (if we have to!) until you are satisfied. Even if youre stuck and you can’t figure out how you’d like it – our guys have arranged more rooms than you can even count. They’ll help you find new and creative ways to arrange your furniture to make the most of your space


So to all of the people who ask us, Why would I pay for a company to deliver new furniture to my house?”, we say… Why wouldn’t you?

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