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Brian G. Asks “How Should I Prepare For Moving To Storage?”

Moving into storage can be very different than settling into a new place. Making sure that items are packed appropriately to prevent damage and reduce needed space is essential. Brian has an upcoming move where he will be storing things for 6+ months before moving them again. No matter how long you are storing your belongings, you’re going to want to make sure you do it the right way. Today’s blog will help you prepare for a move into storage.

1. Stock Up On Pads

If you are able to recycle some old towels, blankets, sheets, you’ll definitely help save yourself some money. When furniture is moved into storage, professional movers will almost always stack things on top of each other, floor to ceiling, to maximize the space efficiency. You’re going to want to have some sort of pads to prevent scratches and dents from this method of storing items. While some moving companies will be able to provide you with some pads, a lot of movers limit the amount of pads they will sell. The same pads get used every day for every job. If you don’t have old linens around the house, you can get a bundle of furniture pads from most storage facilities, as well as large hardware stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

In any case, you should ask your movers before they arrive on the job if they will be able to provide you with pads. Some moving companies offer a pad rental fee, where you effectively buy pads when moving into storage, and they buy them back at a reduced cost when you are moving out.

2. Wrap Everything

A roll of stretch wrap can be one of the best investments for a move into storage. You can use it to cover smaller/lightweight furniture to protect it from scratches. You can also use it to tightly wrap a sofa, ottoman, armchair, etc. This will offer great protection for your items.

Mattress bags and couch covers can also be a great way to quickly cover some of the larger, more difficult items to wrap. We really can’t recommend these mattress bags enough – they’ll keep your mattress in great shape and protect it from scuffs on dirty floors as well as accumulating dust over it’s stay in storage.

3. Pack And Label Your Boxes Like A Pro!

While it might not be too difficult to remember the contents of certain boxes going into storage, coming out will be some time later. Proper labels will help you and your movers to know which boxes might be fragile, and which boxes are good for stacking. Packing your boxes properly is also essential to ensure that they stay in tact for the duration of their stored time.

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