Boston’s Top Rated Moving Company In Boston For 2016!

Better Business Bureau Certificate of Customer Satisfaction Excellence - 2016

Better Business Bureau Certificate of Customer Satisfaction Excellence – 2016

We are just delighted to have received yet another award for excellence in customer service from the Better Business Bureau this year. We had a perfect ‘customer loyalty score’ of 100, which reflects on our commitment to providing the best possible service to everybody who works with Big City Moving Co. We also, for the first time ever, received ZERO complaints from customers for all of 2016! We have a special promotion brewing to help celebrate…please read on for details!

Customer Loyalty, Perfected

We work very hard to make sure that every customer that hires us is satisfied with the service that they received. We go out of our way to make sure this happens. Every move that we do is unique and different, and we strive to get all the minor details just right so that you have a perfect, stress free moving experience. Call us today and find out what we can do to help with your moving, packing, or other labor needs!

Zero Complaints For 2016!

This might be the most remarkable stat for us of 2016 – we had zero complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau for all of 2016. In most years, there may be a couple of these, as every customer does have unique needs, and fulfilling those needs is a constant challenge. I think that this signifies that we as a company have grown and learned a lot about the different things that people need, and how to chisel out a handcrafted solution for every individual client.

I wouldn’t say that every customer that we had loved us and rated us five stars, but the fact that nobody had anything negative to bring up to the BBB is just outstanding. We are so proud of our movers for taking the time and care to get things right while we are on the job, and not needing to rectify issues further down the road. This is how we always strive to run our business, and it’s a very gratifying place to be in! We are just delighted that nearly all of our customer experiences are overwhelmingly positive. We take pride in being a contributing member of our community, and this just shows that our message is being received perfectly.

Maintaining Quality Control

We will always find things that we can improve or streamline for our customers. If you have any feedback or tips for us, we would love to hear it! Please contact us and let us know what you think, whether we’re hitting all the marks or if there’s room for improvement, we love to hear from you! We try to follow up with every customer to make sure that their moving experience was as flawless as possible.

Special Celebratory Promo!

In honor of this great designation, we would like to run a special, limited-time promotion. All you have to do is mention the promo code ‘BBB’s Best Movers‘ and we will happily discount your moving service by 10%! That is 10% off the hourly rate, 10% off the travel fee, and 10% off any materials used. You don’t have to compromise – you can have Boston’s Best Moving Company at discounted rates! Offer available through April 30, 2017.