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Boston Moving Permits – 3 Things You Should Know Before Your Move

When planning a move in Boston, we always recommend obtaining parking permits for your move. While they will cost you a bit of money, they could actually save you a lot more, and will help to ensure a smoother move with no issues. They’re the best option for people who don’t have access to a driveway, loading dock, or designated parking lot with truck access.

1. Permits will ensure you get the optimal parking space

A parking permit for your moving truck will effectively reserve your parking space for you. This will help the move go by quicker, because your moving crew will not have to carry your belongings any further than they have to.

2. You won’t have to waste time trying to find a parking space

Without a parking permit, movers often have to drive around the block a couple times trying to find a close enough space. Parking trucks usually take up at least two parking spaces. Even when the streets clear up as people go to work or school, finding two consecutive spots close enough to work with can be a challenge. Rather than spend time trying to find a good spot, the movers could pull into your reserved parking space and get started on moving.

3. Moving permits will prevent parking violations

Without a parking permit, movers often have to settle for a double-parking situation, or possibly park somewhere else that works for the move but isn’t a valid parking space. Parking violations for commercial vehicles are more expensive than for a regular vehicle. Even getting one parking violation can cost more than it would have cost to obtain parking permits. This alone makes the cost of the permits worthwhile.


Be aware that parking permits must be acquired from City Hall at least 3 days before your move. They have recently made changes up at City Hall (it used to be two days). If you’re planning a move in Boston, make sure that you set aside a time to get your permits. If you will not have a chance to get to City Hall for this, we also offer permit acquisition and posting services for Boston, Brookline, Somerville, and Cambridge.

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