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Boston Movers’ Tips – Safely Moving In The Rain

There is some heavy rainfall going on today, so we wanted to share some tips on how to safely move in the rain. Follow today’s post for some safety tips on protecting you, your movers, your house, and all your stuff!

Protect Yourself

• Use weatherproof, slip-proof boots or shoes.

• Be very careful on the ramp or lift gate of the truck! While they often have decent treading in them, they can get very slippery!

• If it is approaching freezing temperatures, make sure you use rock-salt or ice melter to prevent any ice buildup.

Protect Your Stuff

• Use mattress covers, couch covers, trash bags, and shrink wrap to cover any items that will be damaged by the rain.

• Make sure your boxes are well sealed. Folding the boxes tops together will leave the contents exposed to the rain (and can generally cause the box to be flimsy). Use packing tape to properly seal the boxes.

• Keep some towels handy in the house and in the moving truck. If something gets a little water on it, it would be best to dry it immediately.

Protect Your House

• Use Builder Board style floor protection to have clear paths. This material can protect almost any floor surface, from carpets to hardwood floors to tiles, and more.

• Sometimes, it is best to move all of your belongings into one or two landing rooms. This will help to contain the mess that rain can cause. Once the items are all in the landing areas, the movers can clean off their shoes or boots and continue to bring the items to where they need to go, without constantly tracking rain debris through your house.


Hopefully, these tips will help you have a stress-free moving day, even if the weather isn’t on your side.


  1. Wear sturdy boots with a heavy tread, and consider wearing gloves – gardening gloves would work well to give extra grip in wet conditions, (your furniture and plastic boxes will be more slippery than normal). Use old sheets in place of plastic drop sheets.


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