Getting Through The DIY Projects With Help From A Moving Company

It’s March, and this is the most popular month for people to get through their various DIY projects. Whether it’s spring cleaning, painting, refinishing, renovating, or whatever projects you’re working from at your home, having a reliable moving company to call can help you get everything done. Why waste time trying to cram too-much-junk into your car, and then making a mess all over your car, when you can have professionals get all that stressful preparation done for you. Today’s blog post aims to show you how a dependable moving team can help streamline all your do-it-yourself projects.

Don’t Break Your Back At The Lumber Yard

Building a storage shed to help organize the tools and various yard equipment.

If you’re a do-it-yourself’er, you probably spend more than your fair share at the hardware stores, picking up tools, lumber, or other essential gear and equipment. Even with a pickup truck, this can be a strenuous task, and leave you with an aching back and a messy vehicle to clean up. Not only that, but you have to get all the equipment from your vehicle to the actual work site, which can involve schlepping piles of wood and equipment up or down stairs, across yard, or wherever it needs to go.

Go easy on yourself! You have enough to worry about with executing your plans. This prep work is a perfect job for a small moving company. Many moving companies, including Big City Moving Co, would be happy to aide you in selecting the right tools to get the job done and making sure that everything is delivered exactly where you need it to go. This can save tremendous amounts of time, leaving you free to plan the next project or even spend some time with the family.

Leave The Clear-outs To Us!

It seems that every house has the room(s) that start as light storage and morph, over time, to be collections of all the stuff that you just don’t know what to do with. I’ve seen basements so full of junk that you can’t even walk around, garages filled front to back with boxes and junk, and attics that are just waiting to burst because they are so full. It’s very common for people to accumulate stuff over time, but much less common for people to take time in organizing it and getting rid of the junk.

This is where having a professional moving company can really come in handy! Our movers have helped people to clear out and organize massive pileups of junk. Whether you are trying to find some relics from the past, get a better sense of what you have, or just clear space and get rid of some junk, we can help you find the right solution.

Furniture Building or Arrangement

Springtime can also be a popular time to get rid of some older furniture and replace it. This is a perfect job for a good team of movers. Big City Moving Company, and many other moving companies, offer services where they can pick up furniture from a store or even from a Craigslist vendor, deliver it to your house, assemble it, and even arrange it however you’d like it. This kind of project can take a novice all day to complete, but our expert movers have the experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and they can even remove any unwanted old furniture, packing materials, or other associated junk.

7 Easy Guidelines To Moving Home

Nowadays you can travel just about anywhere in the world. This has begun a new culture, in the young and old, of adventure and the exploration of new places. Jobs aren’t limited to what’s available in your town or county, people can chase their dream professions to any area of the planet. With this new culture of adventure-seeking, the need to move home and settle in a new area is high. Everybody and anybody will move home at some point in their lives, these are seven easy guidelines to help make the ordeal less taxing and more organized.


Moving checklists can help to create order out of the chaos that is moving.

When packing your precious possessions away into boxes, checklists can be invaluable. In a hectic and stressful move, they can help create order out of the chaos. Of course, there is such a thing as having too many checklists, which could create more problems than they solve. The best way to have a smooth and trouble-free move is to only create checklists that are the most essential.
A practical way of applying this is to make a checklist for every room, e.g. one for the living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. The next step would be to tick off the items as they are wrapped and put in boxes and then label the boxes afterward. This creates less confusion and stress when the boxes need to be unpacked again. Also, as an extra measure, when packing fragile items, it’s best to put these in the same box and label the box as fragile so that extra care is taken with these items.


One of the most beneficial things available in these current times is the existence of moving companies. These companies are specially designed to help you pack and move your items from one place to another in the most efficient, injury and hassle-free way possible. Many hands do indeed make light work, especially when they are someone else’s hands.
If the start and end points are a long distance apart, however, then the same people that pack and load the items can’t be expected to unload them. This calls for the use of the second team of people at the receiving end to help unload at your destination. As when dealing with any company, a good piece of advice would be to arrange payment rates beforehand with written contracts. This means there will be a lot less confusion when it comes to issuing payments.

Standardized Packaging

In stores that specialize in packing equipment, you will find a good collection of strong and sturdy boxes and cartons made especially for carrying heavy loads. These boxes and cartons are usually to a standardized size, shape, and quality. These shapes and sizes are specifically made to fit nicely into trucks and dollies, which makes stacking and storing much more simple. Using old, mismatched boxes tends to create problems with moving because they may not fit with the measurements and dimensions of the moving trucks and dollies as well as the standardized boxes. This is why buying a good number of standardized boxes and cartons before packing makes moving simpler and more efficient.

Notifying Change of Address

Notifying change of address is something that is often pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list when moving, but this is in fact quite an important part of the moving process that can have stressful ramifications. To help with this, it is a good idea to create a list of all the companies, friends and family, doctors, schools, or anyone else who may have your address. The next step would be to make phone calls, send letters, email or contact them in any other way that will best reach them. It is also a good idea to give, in writing, your change of address to the local post office if any post needs to be forwarded on to your new address. This also applies to service providers, such as gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and T.V, especially if you want to continue with their services. In some cases, you may need to cancel your service and switch providers to a company that provides services in your new location.

Cash at Hand

A problem that can occur when you least need it, is the expectation for you to pay someone in cash and for there to be a complete lack of cash points near at hand. To prevent this disaster, it is best to carry around a good amount of cash with you so that money transactions may be completed without a hitch. Of course, many companies these days, including Big City Moving Company, accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, check, or money order. The bottom line is, you should ask your moving company if cash is going to be required.

Transferring Schools

A good suggestion for those families moving home is to arrange the transferring of children to a school closer to the new address, unless you’re only moving a few streets away. It creates far more problems later when there is a long commute, making school runs far more stressful than they need be.

Author Bio
Shawn Wood is the content writer at Costa Mesa Moving Company and has been highlighting the requirements of modern homes and offices for the past four years.  He has particularly been efficient in highlighting the needs of a modern family home.

Five Unexpected Reasons For Hiring A Moving Company

A lot of people would think to call a moving company when in the process of moving. However, there are many other tasks that experienced, intelligent movers would be able to help you out with. Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning, home renovations, or just moving things around, it can be smart to have a good, reliable moving company to talk to.

1. Cleaning Out The BAGS (Basement, Attic, Garage & Shed)

junk pileup in garage

A garage like this one could even fit a car or two, with a little love!

A good team of movers is a great way to work on cleaning out the neglected areas, such as garage, basement, attic, or shed. For many people, these kind of ‘storage areas’ within the house tend to collect items for years and years, while most people don’t take the time to organize, clean, or toss away the junk. With a good team of movers and a truck, you can take a disastrous pileup of stuff and turn it into usable, workable space.

2. Clearing The Way For Home Projects

We’re coming upon spring, and this is a very popular time for people to work on some home projects. For some projects, such as painting, working on floors or carpeting, it is necessary to clear all furniture and items from the rooms that you will be working on.

Two workers painting inside a house

The room has been cleared so that the painters have room to work.

A local moving company should be able to help you move items within your house, or even out to a pod or to a storage facility. The scope of your project may dictate which solution works best; storing items in the basement or garage for a couple weeks is fine if doing some painting or floor work, but you may want to rent a storage pod or room at a storage facility if you have a project that will take more time.

3. Room Arrangement / Interior Moving

furniture arrangement - bed, nightstand, lamp

A perfectly arranged bedroom is a key to happiness at home.

There are times when it can be very useful to hire a team of movers to help with some  work around the house. We have gotten calls to help set up furniture and arrange rooms, either for a new home, or people trying new arrangements with their furniture. For example, if your kids have been sharing a room but an older sibling is off to college, it can be useful to have a team of movers help with splitting the double room into the newly vacant room.

4. Hoisting Services

A team of qualified and experienced movers can be a great option for moving large pieces of furniture that might not fit up the stairs. This is a very popular service here in Boston, where many buildings are plagued with narrow staircases that will not yield a sofa, box spring, or head board.

Hoisting is a difficult job, and can be risky for both the items being moved and the people moving them. If a piece falls during a hoist, it could destroy the piece and injure the people working below. This is why we would always recommend having a licensed and insured moving company to assist with a hoisting job; it’s simply too great a risk to attempt on your own.

Our movers are experienced in hoisting refrigerators, sofas, dressers, mattresses & box springs, bed frames, and much more. If you need a quote on hoisting, reach out to us right here!

5. Furniture Assembly & Delivery

reading instruction manual and assembling new furniture

An experienced moving team can make your furniture assembly jobs a breeze!

Getting new furniture can be very exciting. It can also be very stressful, if you are left alone with an indecipherable instruction manual and limited time. Many moving companies in Boston will offer on-location services for assembling new furniture, or even option to pick up furniture from a store or gallery, deliver it to your residence, assemble it, and arrange it however you’d like. Big City Moving Company even offers the removal of old furniture if you are replacing pieces that you no longer need. Hiring a team of experienced movers can help to relieve a lot of stress, as you know you are getting helpers who have spent a lot of time building and dismantling furniture.


Do you have any projects that could benefit from the help of some experienced movers? Contact us today for a free quote! (617) 209-9226 or

Snow Removal & Ice Treatment Services Now Available

snow removal services now availableWe are now offering snow removal and ice treatment services for winter 2017. This can be included as part of a move, or as a stand-alone service. We are offering services on a storm-by-storm basis, as well as by hassle-free contract. Whatever your snow and ice treatment services may be, contact us today for a quote!

Services Offered

• Driveways cleared and treated for ice.

• Cars cleared off and parking spaces shoveled out. Note – you must provide your own space-saver if required!

• Walkways and sidewalks cleared and treated for ice.

• Mailboxes or trash collection areas cleared out.

• Roofs cleared and ice-dam treatment.

Coverage Area

We are currently offering services in the following communities:

Waltham, Belmont, Watertown, Cambridge, Arlington, Lexington, Lincoln, Newton. See Map for estimated coverage area.

Hassle-Free Contract Services

Sign up for our Hassle-Free Contract and rest assured that you will not have to worry about any snow for this winter. Any storm that accumulates snow, we will be there with no phone call, text message, email, or other interruption at all. It’ll just happen, and you don’t even have to think about it.

Storm-By-Storm Coverage

If you prefer to just call in the big guns when you feel it’s really necessary, you can call, text, or email anytime. We should be able to find a place for you in our route, even on relatively short notice.

For Easiest Quote

Please be sure to include photographs of any areas that you need cleared. You can text them to us at (617) 209-9226, or email

Thanks for checking it out, and happy winter!

Preparing To Move: Tips for Packing and Preparing Your Move

2977014684_2c0aa3c680Moving out of a property is always associated with a lot of additional tasks you have to deal with along with your daily responsibilities. Even if it seems easy to pack a couple of boxes, get them in the car and place them into your new home, the truth is that you need to plan ahead and make some preparations regarding the moving out process. Not to mention that you have to organize everything so neatly that you don’t get desperate when you get to your new property and unpacking and finding a desired item becomes a terrible and time absorbing mission. As you have already learned, having excellent organisational skills is a extremely valuable personal trait that will be highly appreciated in any field – business, studying and even maintaining a household in a proper condition.

We have made a brief guide of must – do activities you have to perform before and after moving out of a property. Try to stick to them and you will definitely succeed in keeping the stress and the chaos to the minimum.

The three golden rules before leaving a property and after moving into the new one: cleaning, labeling, organizing. If you have been living in your current home for a long period of time, you probably have a lot of more or less valuable items placed in the closet, in the kitchen drawers or in the basement. Take your time and make a thorough checking and a clean up. Throw away what you don’t need and try to repair the stuff that have some minor damages. You may use it at your new place of residence or make a yard sale and earn some money. Don’t forget that apart from tiding up, most landlords inquire a professional end of tenancy cleaning to be performed at the property so you’d better opt for a reputable cleaning company in order to get your security deposit back.

No matter if your place is a small – sized or a spacious one, regardless of the quantity of your belongings, you can hardly remember the exact box where you have put your expensive jacket or the laptop charger. In this case, labeling the boxes you put your stuff into is recommended. However, labeling them as “Clothes” or “Tools” wouldn’t help you much. Be more precise and accurate and make a detailed labeling for a complete peace of mind.

As far as the organizing is concerned, you really have to act sensibly and responsibly. Organize the stuff you can not manage without in one box and gather all the boxes that contain similar objects together. When you move them into your new place, finding what you need will be much easier. The former tenants must have performed an end of tenancy cleaning but if they, for one reason or another, didn’t do it, you are the one who have to deal with that unpleasant mission. Hire a professional company to do the cleaning for you or you can do it by yourself in case you are equipped with enough patience, free time and determination. You need to be sure that the place is dirt and bacteria free though. When you are done cleaning, it’s time to unpack and put everything in order. And here, labeling and organizing is critically important. Take all the boxes that say “Monkey Wrenches and Hammers” to the garage and those that say “Silverware and Bowls” to the kitchen. You will be amazed how easy it will be to tidy up your new home and make it neat and welcoming. Following the rules, mentioned above, will undoubtedly be a huge help. Don’t forget to change your address as well otherwise you risk not receiving some important mail or finding your favorite magazine issued once a month in the mailbox in front of your former place of residence.


Author Bio: July Minor works is part of professional cleaners team in London and has a lot of knowledge about moving, organizing and cleaning.

Essential Moving Tips For A Winter Move

Snow covered bridge and river in Boston, MA

Fort Point Channel after a snow storm. Boston, MA.

Winter is finally showing its ugly head up here in Boston. We were lucky enough to dodge (most of) the white stuff through January, but it’s still winter in New England, and preparation is key. Winter weather can really throw a wrench into your moving plans. Forecasts change up to and during a storm, so you never really know what you’ll get until moving day. If you find yourself needing to move during winter time, these essential moving tips can help to keep you on the right track for success.

Stay up to date with the forecast

As evidenced with today’s storm, winter weather patterns are very difficult to predict. Just a few days ago, they were expecting very light snow totals in this area, and now they are certain that we will be hit with 8-12″ of fresh powder. If you are planning a move in New England during this time of year, you really need to follow the weather reports as your move approaches. Check in the day and even the night before your move to make sure that there are no major storms coming. If the city declares a state of emergency, you won’t be able to get the move done.

Be prepared to postpone

A heavy snowstorm can wipe out your moving plans. Parking bans, closed roads, and other traffic restrictions would make it impossible to get your move done. It is imperative that you keep backup options available. If you must be out of your place by the end of the month, try to do your move a week (or at least a few days) before that date.

Keep the paths open and clear

You’ll want to make sure that your movers have a clear path from the truck to your door. All snow, ice, and other debris should be fully cleared and treated before the movers arrive. You may need to clear parking for the truck as well. If you are unable to clear snow and ice on your own, you may want to contact your movers to see if they offer any snow or ice removal.

Protect your floors

Even with the snow and ice cleared out, the movers would most likely be walking through wet sand or salt. It is a good idea to set something on the floors to prevent tracking mud and debris through your home. You can set tarps or drop-cloths in a room close to the entry and have all furniture moved into one location. Once the furniture is all inside, you can then begin to move it from there to the other areas of the house. Staging it at the front like this can really help to reduce the dirt spread throughout the house.


Do you have any moving tips to help during the winter time? Please leave them in the comments section below!

Offering Snow Removal and Ice Management Services for Winter 2016

Now offering snow and ice removal services for winter 2016

Now offering snow and ice removal services for winter 2016

Big City Moving Company is accepting bids for snow removal services for winter 2016. We began offering snow removal as well as roof clearing, ice dam management, and other snow and ice related services for winter of 2015. This year, we plan on expanding coverage, branching out into some new areas.

Our services range from basic shovel-outs or clearings to full ice dam treatment, and much more. Here are some of the services that we will be offering:

  • Driveways plowed and/or cleared with snowblowers
  • Walkways and sidewalks shoveled or cleared with snowblowers
  • Cars shoveled out from plow run-off
  • Ice dam treatment and prevention
  • Roofs, decks, balconies, cleared off
  • Ice treatment with sand, salt, or liquid ice-melt

We are currently covering the following towns: Waltham, Watertown, Newton, Belmont, Arlington, Cambridge, Brighton, Allston, Chestnut Hill, Needham, Brookline, Somerville, Medford, Lincoln, Lexington, Weston, Wellesley.

If you are close to our coverage area, please feel free to email us at to get some information.

Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter – let professionals handle your snow and ice management needs. Our contracted customers don’t have to make a phone call – when the white stuff is falling, we are there clearing it up for you. Get the peace of mind that you want by contacting us for all of your snow removal needs.

Tips For Packing A Flat-Screen Television


If you’re planning a move, you will want to make sure that you are packing your flat-screen televisions properly. The components of a modern LED, LCD, or Plasma-screen television are very sensitive. Moreover, if anything happens to the screen, you really need to replace the whole television set, you can’t even attempt a repair. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your television survives the move.

Did you keep the box?

If you have room to spare and think you will be moving within a few years, it is a good idea to hang on to the original box that your television was sold in. Televisions are usually packaged with a foam slip cover that will protect the screen, as well as foam cutouts that are molded to your specific screen. It is the best way to repackage the television.

If not, ask your movers if they can provide a box

Most moving companies are able to either rent or sell or even include a generic flat-screen television box. They usually have cutouts of either foam or some other packing material to help pad and protect the television. Flat-screen televisions really need to be kept in a box during the moving process to ensure their safety and protection within the moving truck.

Keep the television upright

A flat-screen television should only be moved upright. It is okay to lay it on it’s side to pad or wrap it, but it should always be upright when it is moved.

Do not stack on top of a television

You should be careful not to put anything of any significant weight on top of a television when packing the moving truck. If necessary, you could put soft, lightweight items such as bedding, pillows, or clothing bags around or on the box. Never put anything of significant weight on the television.

Secure your cargo

Properly packing and strapping down your cargo will help to make sure that no items can move and potentially cause damage to the television or other cargo. You can use straps, rope, or cargo to make sure that everything is securely in place before leaving.


Do you have any tips or stories to share about moving? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Save On Boston Moving Services This Fall With Our New Promo!

autumn in BostonToday is officially the first day of Autumn 2015, and we have been loving the cooler, drier weather. The summer vacations have turned to memories, and the college classes are filled with students once again. Here at Big City Moving Company, we would like to take this opportunity to begin a whole new promotional campaign to usher in the changing weather.

Beginning today, September 23, you can use the promo code “FALL5” to save 5% off the cost of your move. This promo will combo with other promotional offers that we have (repeat customer, student moving, etc), so it is a great opportunity for you to get the best rates of the whole year.

Big City Moving Company has been providing moving services to the Boston area for over ten years now. We have maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and we have great reviews on numerous trusted websites. A large portion of our business comes from repeat customers, as well as people that are referred by our customers. We believe this speaks volumes about the quality of service that we provide to our customers.

If you are planning on moving to, from, or near the Boston area this fall, take the opportunity to experience A+ service for the lowest rates available all year. Fill out an estimate request or give us a call at (617) 209-9226 to get information about our services or to book a move. Remember to mention the promo code “FALL5” to receive your discount!

Parking Permits For Moving In Boston Now Available Online!

The process of obtaining parking permits for your move in Boston has gotten a bit simpler today. For the first time, residents of Boston are able to obtain single-day moving permits through the City of Boston Website. As always, there are certain guidelines that must be followed, but this should make your permit acquisition easier, and you can save the money that it costs to hire a service (like our own) to do this.

To be eligible for online permits, you must be getting single day moving truck permits, and it must be 2-4 weeks in advance of your move. If your move is in less than two weeks, you must still obtain your permits in person at City Hall. The permits are also not available for the North End, and for certain streets and areas (such as Park Drive).

That means that all of you looking for help with permits on September 1 can apply today and save yourself the trip to City Hall (or possible posting fees of hiring somebody). There are lots of people moving in Boston this busy summer, and this should alleviate some pressure for a lot of them.

Parking permits have been a requirement for parking a moving truck on-street in Boston. Up until now, if you wanted to obtain your permit for a move, you would have to go to City Hall in person, or at least hire a person or company who would be willing to make the trip for you. Online permits have been available in Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville for some time now, and it is a great step forward to see Boston finally streamlining this process for its residents.

If you have a move scheduled and it is at least two weeks away, you can use this simple online application to obtain your permit. And if you’re still looking for movers for your August 31-September 1 move, Big City Moving Company has limited appointments remaining. Contact us today to secure your appointment for the busiest moving week of the year in the city of Boston.

For more great information about this new policy, check out this article by Sanjay Salomon over at