Ask Us Anything – How Do I Move A Large Sofa?

Stephanie S. asked us “I think my sofa may be a problem to move, but it got into my apartment by removing the legs. Would you be able to do that if there is a problem? I am unable to take measurements because of people still in the new apartment.”

First of all, thanks for writing in! We’re always happy to be able to answer questions for customers right here on the blog. Now to answer your question…

Moving in the city, we are commonly faced with challenges of large pieces of furniture needing to fit through small doorways, or up tight stairs, etc. Our crews have had countless scenarios where it seemed like all hope was lost on fitting a piece in, but we somehow pulled it off in the end. (Actual results may vary! Every piece is different.)

In terms of removing the legs, cushions, and any other hardware that can come off – that’s usually the first step. We first will try to make the piece itself as small as possible by removing these items, and in some cases, that is enough to fit the piece in. Even simply removing cushions and finding the right angle can yield positive results in many cases.

In most cases, furniture will find its way into your house through these methods. We can’t guarantee that it will without seeing the piece or where it needs to get to, but our professionals have defied the odds many times in moving large pieces to small places.

As always, we appreciate your questions! Keep them coming – we’ll be happy to answer any questions right here on our blog.

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