Preparing To Move: Tips for Packing and Preparing Your Move

2977014684_2c0aa3c680Moving out of a property is always associated with a lot of additional tasks you have to deal with along with your daily responsibilities. Even if it seems easy to pack a couple of boxes, get them in the car and place them into your new home, the truth is that you need to plan ahead and make some preparations regarding the moving out process. Not to mention that you have to organize everything so neatly that you don’t get desperate when you get to your new property and unpacking and finding a desired item becomes a terrible and time absorbing mission. As you have already learned, having excellent organisational skills is a extremely valuable personal trait that will be highly appreciated in any field – business, studying and even maintaining a household in a proper condition.

We have made a brief guide of must – do activities you have to perform before and after moving out of a property. Try to stick to them and you will definitely succeed in keeping the stress and the chaos to the minimum.

The three golden rules before leaving a property and after moving into the new one: cleaning, labeling, organizing. If you have been living in your current home for a long period of time, you probably have a lot of more or less valuable items placed in the closet, in the kitchen drawers or in the basement. Take your time and make a thorough checking and a clean up. Throw away what you don’t need and try to repair the stuff that have some minor damages. You may use it at your new place of residence or make a yard sale and earn some money. Don’t forget that apart from tiding up, most landlords inquire a professional end of tenancy cleaning to be performed at the property so you’d better opt for a reputable cleaning company in order to get your security deposit back.

No matter if your place is a small – sized or a spacious one, regardless of the quantity of your belongings, you can hardly remember the exact box where you have put your expensive jacket or the laptop charger. In this case, labeling the boxes you put your stuff into is recommended. However, labeling them as “Clothes” or “Tools” wouldn’t help you much. Be more precise and accurate and make a detailed labeling for a complete peace of mind.

As far as the organizing is concerned, you really have to act sensibly and responsibly. Organize the stuff you can not manage without in one box and gather all the boxes that contain similar objects together. When you move them into your new place, finding what you need will be much easier. The former tenants must have performed an end of tenancy cleaning but if they, for one reason or another, didn’t do it, you are the one who have to deal with that unpleasant mission. Hire a professional company to do the cleaning for you or you can do it by yourself in case you are equipped with enough patience, free time and determination. You need to be sure that the place is dirt and bacteria free though. When you are done cleaning, it’s time to unpack and put everything in order. And here, labeling and organizing is critically important. Take all the boxes that say “Monkey Wrenches and Hammers” to the garage and those that say “Silverware and Bowls” to the kitchen. You will be amazed how easy it will be to tidy up your new home and make it neat and welcoming. Following the rules, mentioned above, will undoubtedly be a huge help. Don’t forget to change your address as well otherwise you risk not receiving some important mail or finding your favorite magazine issued once a month in the mailbox in front of your former place of residence.


Author Bio: July Minor works is part of professional cleaners team in London and has a lot of knowledge about moving, organizing and cleaning.