6 Simple Tips for a Stress-free Home Move

Okay, so you’ve finally made up your mind to move into a new residential property and you’ve also finalized on the date when the big move will be happening. So looks like, now would be a good time to pull up your socks and get cracking! The whole process of packing and moving can be a sheer nightmare, but not if you organize, plan, and sort things out well in advance. Following are a few important tips to consider that will make the whole moving process a breeze.

First and foremost, De-clutter!

Even before you start packing, make it a point to go through every possible room of your house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and storeroom, and get rid of all the clutter and junk that you come across. Go through all your knickknacks and discard whatever you’re not going to need. Go into your kitchen and chuck all unnecessary utensils, containers, and accessories into a cardboard box. Also have a look into your storeroom as well as the garage, and sort things out. See what you need and what you don’t need. You can also hold a garage sale to discard unwanted items, or even consider donating to charities. Consider de-cluttering as the initial head-start of your packing since it will save you a lot of time, energy, chaos for later

Give yourself enough time

Once you know what date you’re going to be moving on, make sure you give yourself enough time to sort out a number of things such as notices, bills, appointments, telephone, internet, and cable services, other utilities, and so on. First of all, give yourself at least three to six months to organize things, pack up, and move. If you currently live in a rented accommodation, make sure that you give appropriate notice to your landlord. Get in touch with your gas, electricity, and telephone providers to have your services disconnected and if possible, ask them to be shifted to your new address. Keep a tab on who sends you mail at least for six months so that you know whom to notify when you shift.

Prepare a to-do list and start ticking it off

Before you do anything else, prepare a to-do list filled up things and tasks that need to be done. Jot down anything and everything you can possibly think of. This will help you organize and sort out many things well ahead of time. Right from getting boxes and other packing material, to getting in touch with movers and packers, arranging transport, jotting down furniture that you need to move, arranging goodbyes, notifying your service providers, arranging things for your kids and pets if any, sorting out boxes, checking out rooms, clearing out junk and clutter, notifying your work place, and what not, all these pointers could go into your to-do list.

Get moving boxes and other packing material

Start collecting packing material well in advance. Whatever you feel might come in handy, be it newspapers, boxes, packaging tape, bags, bubble wrap, permanent markets, thermocol sheets, labels, and so on, start stocking up right away. Honestly, nothing can get worse than running around for packing material at the last minute.


Use modern day mobile apps to help you with the move

Use your smart phone to assist you with the move! Believe it not, there are some incredible mobile apps out there which can make your home move a breeze. Right from helping you create a checklist, to helping you find the perfect moving company, to giving you tips on moving, estimated quotes for moving services, and much more, there are plenty of apps that can simplify your move. You can even lay your hands on apps that allow you to inventory every carton or box that you pack and also allow you to create thorough labels and unique barcodes for every box!

Get in touch with professional moving services

Get in touch with a reliable and helpful moving company, with whom you can communicate effectively, and from whom you can seek advice and information whenever you need. Confirm the moving date with them and make sure there are no misunderstandings. You could also assign them to do the packing for you since they certainly have a lot more expertise and know about the right packing material to get the job done efficiently.



The author of this article, Shruti Vaghe is a freelance blogger, who often writes for AMJ Campbell, professional apartment movers in Toronto. Shruti is very artistic and takes acting lessons at the local school on weekends. You can also follow her on Twitter @ShrutiVaghe.