4 Tips For Getting The Most Accurate Moving Quote

accurate moving quoteIf you are planning a move, one of your first steps will be to get a good moving quote. However, the quality and accuracy of your quote could vary greatly. There are some rules to follow that can help to ensure that your quote is as accurate as possible

1. Provide A Detailed Inventory

Providing a detailed inventory is the best way to let your potential mover(s) know what it is that need to be moved. Be sure to find a make and model number for the larger items, such as refrigerators, washers/dryers, pianos, and anything else that is large and/or heavy (200lb+).

2. Try To Take An Educated Guess For Your Boxes

Most people hire movers well before they have finished their packing. That means that there might not be a final box count when you are making your initial contact with moving companies. Try to visualize how much will fit into different boxes, and offer your closest guess as to what it should come out to. If you’ve moved within the last five years or so, you might have a better idea of how many boxes you had on the previous move, although things could have changed. Just bear in mind – if you told your movers that you thought you would have 15-20 boxes, and you wind up packing double that – make sure you contact them and let them know that there is a wide difference on what you initially estimated.

3. Walk Your Mover Through Your Access Point(s)

Having a convenient access point can be a huge factor for any move. Even if your move is small, if there is no convenient access point, and items must be carried a long distance, it could be cause for adding an additional mover or equipment in order to make your move efficient.

You’ll want to give your mover an idea of how close they can get the truck to your door. If there are any long hallways, walkways, staircases, or anything else in between your items and the truck, let your movers know. The more information that you are able to provide about the access to your home is the better your estimate will be in the end.

4. Be Very Clear About All Large Items 

If you have any large items (could be sofas, armoires, pianos, or more) – you’ll want to provide as much information on them as you can. Dimensions and approximate weight can be crucial information. Also – some large items will simply not fit up or down your stairways, or around tight corners or doorways. If you have any pieces that did not fit into your house through a stairway, and had to be lifted to a balcony or through an upper level window – you need to let your movers know. Oftentimes a hoist can be attempted, but the crew would need to know in order to have the proper tools and equipment.

Take special note if you have any larger items that were assembled in a room. Seeing as they were never carried up or down stairs in their current state, it could be uncertain whether or not they would fit through the doorways and stairs. Having this knowledge in advance can prepare your movers for any potential issues that might come up.